Rejected then Approved

I am highly upset. I submitted a name in May of this year, and it got rejected. I felt it was a great fit so, I submitted it for a review. I just received an email saying that the name is approved. So, I logged into my account, accepted the price, and clicked publish. A message popped up and said there was a problem. My submitted name then moved under the “Commission Approved by Seller” tab. It said the domain was getting ready to go live. I then checked back two days later, and the domain name was nowhere in sight. The name is now unavailable because Squadhelp took five months, nearly six months, to review it. That’s too, too long. The bad part about it is, Squadhelp didn’t tell me anything. I had to message them. Squadhelp was exciting at first, but everything now is too slow, from the reviews of our submissions to the domain sales. This domain selling thing is getting tiresome. It’s such a coincidence how I submitted this name in May 2020, and it got rejected, and someone registered it in June 2020.


Hi Bridgette,

Having had a similar experience elsewhere, a couple words of advice:

Try not get too attached to a single domain. There are millions of other great ones out there.

Also, keep in mind that domaining is highly competitive so if you see a good available name, it will likely not be available in a few days, much less six months from now. Next time, if you believe in the name, consider registering it without waiting for SH’s approval. There are many other options on SH and beyond if you can’t list the name on the SH premium marketplace.

Re: “Everything too slow” – I hear you on this one. Grant has been promising to speed up the “request review” feature for months. SH is generally good about responding to concerns like this, if enough people speak up, so thanks for mentioning it.

Re: “Getting tiresome” – I think people see some flashy sales or they get lucky and sell a domain quickly, and they think selling domains is easy. It usually takes a great deal of hard work, commitment, and time to learn and improve. Domain investing is not what I would call easy but, to me, easy is boring. If you embrace the challenge, it can be enjoyable and rewarding over time.

Good luck :clinking_glasses:


Thanks for the advice, but I wasn’t attached to the domain. I have no attachments to any of the ones I have now, and I have 139 premium domains. Am I happy about my approved names? Yes, I sure am. Do I appreciate Squadhelp? I sure do. Do I look forward to submitting names? Yes, I do. The main point I was making is, it took nearly six months for a review. No matter what is said, that’s too long.


And thanks for the luck. I really appreciate it.


I fully agree. Back in June, @grant himself said:

"Regarding the “Request Review” delays, we agree that the current timeline is not acceptable. We are working on improving this timeline.

Hopefully this will be addressed soon. Thanks again for bringing it up here.


You’re welcome, and thanks again for your wonderful advice:)