Rejected Marketplace Names


Hi, does anybody know of a way to delete names from the “rejected names” list? Specifically, I’d like to remove names that have since been registered and I can no longer use for contest submissions. Thanks.


Hi @dominusrex
I had asked about this a while back,and they say they can’t add an option to delete.Something about internal regulations.


ok thanks for the info @Marye5


If we can’t delete them, surely there could be a way of filtering out names that are no longer available for registration. It’s a good idea @dominusrex


Hi @ALDaisy1
I also suggested to sh to add an archive folder for said names and ones that were winners could be moved there. It would free up some clutter.


I also find it hard to tell which one has been deleted last. I am new to SH so every time I see and opening for a new submission I submit another sell owned domain. But when one falls off the band wagon as a rejected. I have to go back to my spreadsheets to figure out which one it is.

It would be great if they had a rejection date in the list.

Also is there a setting I am missing I would think I would get a notification of some kind if I get one approved or rejected. I never know unless I log in and look at my account.