Registered Domains - Help with


Withdrawn topic Sorry for any confusion


This has happened to me also several times,and I’ve never had a pay out from this either.
It’s all very frustrating!!


withdrawn topic
Frustrated Namer :tired_face:


I am once again going to TRY to say this as diplomatically as possible. (For probably the 20th time). Could creatives PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP posting about this subject?! PLEASE? This forum is open to everyone who registers on SH. Do we really need to keep telling people how to do this?

Honestly, with all due respect and a whole lot of frustration of my own over this subject, how much of this problem is because we keep telling people HOW to do this?!

Please don’t be mad at me for saying this. Just please think before you post about this.


Call me a fool, but I am only realizing this now, that im “putting it out there” on this forum - My sincere apologies for putting us on blast. If anyone could private message me with any other details that i am searching for I would greatly appreciate it! And if someone can tell me how to delete this thread, I will ASAP!

Sorry for not realizing my need for help was in turn my own demise.