Registered domain names found submitted into domain-only contest

Hi fellow Squadhelpers, I’ve noticed in a few contests that’s “Yes, the .com URL should exactly match the name.” several entries made by other contestants are in fact current registered domain names. I know this because I thought of submitting these names too! They are good one-word dictionary words, so I ran a whois check on another site. Names that are taken shouldn’t be allowed to submit in these types of contests, right?

Has anybody else noticed this issue/bug?

@front I vaguely remember seeing something that’s on another contest

Probably the contest holder change the brief part way through and mine were put in before the change

@seezall Hmm, yes that could be it.

This also happened with the eco contest:

Did you notice if the contest type was changed? Right now it’s an exact-domain-only

No I haven’t on that contest but all mine were obscure enough to have available domain

This just happened with the latest winner. I’m not questioning whether was appropriate, although entries with “Foundry” (even short ones) didn’t score particularly well. (The CH had requested entries with “Foundry.”) My concern is that there already is an established company named It’s been a company since 2006. I don’t understand how that submission could be entered in the domain only format of that contest. Did anyone see that and wonder the same thing?

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Because he actually entered . I see this happen alot. Many times winners are names of already established companies. In fact, one winner recently won with a name I rejected as I saw there was about eleventy hundred companies named that,or close to it,and the CH wanted a unique name. Go figure.

I’ve given up trying to make sense of this.

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Really?! No, I think you just made perfect sense of this. Thank you for explaining it to us. I’m just wondering how you had that information?

I looked at the contests he won and clicked on that contest, so the full name came up.

On the same track as a CH wanting a unique name, I’m annoyed when they say they want 8 letters or less and the entry with 10 letters wins. Or they want no more than 2 words and the entry with 3 words wins. Should we just all buck the system and turn in entries that the CH doesn’t want per their contest brief? Gah! Frustrating!

Also, I’m going on my fourth week of doing squad help. Three contests have been cancelled. In two of those I was on the leaderboard. Frustrating! Should I only be entering guaranteed contests? Not sure how that works.


Non-guaranteed contests unfortunately have a track record of getting cancelled eventually.
I’m empathetic that if we’re submitting per directions given in a brief, the submissions would receive better ratings. “Foundryz” (though one might not like the “Z”) didn’t rate especially high. And the finhaus CH didn’t include that variations on the .com name were acceptable.

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