Registered Domain Entries SERIOUSLY

I’ve had a good old moan privately via the blue button but I just want to say this out loud.

Just exactly how many of our reported domain registrations do there have to be within a contest before a sceptical eyebrow is raised?? What are the odds SERIOUSLY of a number of names existing happily out there yet within days of you (us) entering them into a contest they miraculously get registered? I mean COME ON!!

I’m on here cause yes I need the extra money and yes I love it but it doesn’t mean its ok to have the utter Mick taken out of me. If I could afford it I would buy my own domains in great swathes but sadly i cant as every penny I get goes on boring everyday living stuff like food. I hate the fact that I’ve reached a point where I am now just trying to second guess my own names. “It’s a 6 letter .com, should I enter it or am I about to be taken advantage off?”. lesson learned - going forward do not bother!

SH I’m really pleased have accepted one of my ID’s, and I hate sounding AGAIN moany or ungrateful, trust me I’m broke every penny is very gratefully received, maybe it’s that that makes it feel like such an utter kick in the teeth. Of course SH have to be gracious and diplomatic and I appreciate that.

But with in my eyes a significant number of reported domain registrations for a contest that is then cancelled, would YOU not be raising said eyebrow?? It really affects my ability to trust in the CH’s, to focus on the contests, I think I’ve entered 2? In the past few days, I was so happy to find this site, I’m not the best but i love it i just feel blummin glum!

Moan and Rant over, simply as I have to go clean!!!


Yea@what hollygirl said.

Just a friendly word to the wise…be careful about what you post in the forum.If you have concerns about potential name registrations…it’s usually better to address them with SH. Just sayin…Best of luck going forward…


Be careful about what exactly? If this is an open transparent platform then there should be no concerns about me expressing my utter miffedness. I have not posted the CH’s name, the contest name or anything else. I should not have to worry about expressing my thoughts surely!! You’re in America, I’m in Europe, its not North Korea. :wink: Lets face it, I’ve read through LOADS of threads, some are blatantly provocative, mine is a straight out honest question borne from hurt feelings and frustration.

I posted my vent via the blue button last night though when I woke up this morning it still hadn’t been seen (11 hours on), so I bumped it up and someone has kindly nudged it forward for me.

Surely people can’t be afraid to say “yeah my eyebrows been raised a few times in a somewhat sceptical fashion” :grinning:

This is all being said in a friendly sighy kind of way just to let you know, as things written down often dont come across as they’re meant to! :grinning:


Since the contest you mentioned was cancelled, I am guessing it wasn’t a guaranteed contest. A non-guaranteed contest is more likely to be set up for domain name gathering because they can cancel the contest and get some of their money back. And just so you know, there are investment funds that make all of their profits from registering and selling domain names, just type domain name investment funds into a Google search box and see almost 2.6 Million results.

But Squad Help does more than most companies when it comes to this problem and I say this based on my own personal experiences. I’ll leave it at that.

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I totally get what you are saying. The same thing has happened to me which is why I stopped entering non guaranteed contests in most cases. On the rare occasion I do I only enter the few domains I already own. I understand your frustration and disappointment, but like Arnet said SH does more to address this problem than any other platform. However, there is only so much they can do without proof. The rest is up to us. We have to be a bit shrewd about which contests we enter and in deciding whether we want to put our best names out there or not. One thing you can do is look at a clients history by clicking on their username. You can see if they have held previous contests and how they ended (if a winner was chosen or if it was cancelled, reported registrations, etc). I know its tough but try not to lose heart. Just my 2 cents.


Thank you for your replies, I’m a bit blah’d out now, kinda due to a house full of illness but I think yes, shrewdness is probably something to arm myself with as tbh I have been slightly throwing myself at everything sometimes with all I’ve got out of sheer excitement sometimes due to one, obvs that this place exists and also the fact that sometimes you get a contest come up and it just sounds fab!

I’d like to point out that I have used the blue button and spoken to SH and really appreciate the fact that they’ve taken the time to reply to me. So often you see people gushing here and to be fair I see why, you moan and they come back and even if its not what you want to hear its like they just gave you a big hug and a pat!! :grin: So thank you to everyone here for allowing me the space to whinge like a big old whingey bag, its that safeness, welcome and camaraderie that keeps us all jumping on back in for more more more I guess!!

Dear @whiteisland,
You probably should know that @hollygirl gave you wise advice and she was looking out for you. She has been here a long time, and her words were meant to give you a heads up. About what? See the section on posting about domain registrations in the forum.

So she was being super friendly by telling you that. And I am extending this info to you for your own sake.


Thanks, Clinks. I am glad you got my intentions. I was going to respond,but then decided not to, as I felt if they didn’t get the heads up I was trying to give to protect them from potentially misspeaking…then I didn’t want to say something else that may come back on me. I appreciate the kind words!


@hollygirl and @Commulinks I appreciate and respect anything you both have to say, I took on board what @hg had to say and edited my post accordingly yesterday as while upset I didn’t want to come across as aggressive or disrespectful and agreed part of it was too much info and deleted it.

As mentioned I’m grateful for the space to be able to vent my frustrations in a safe and non judgmental environment. I guess, and I’ve already said this to SH, their introduction and development of the ID’s will really go a long way to helping the frustration that surrounds this kind of thing.

I guess I just felt it all harder as I’m dealing with a lot of ill pukey rashy chicken poxy children/baby, whilst feeling I’ll myself so was for sure definitely in a “woe is me!!!” Space!