Referral Program Additions - Benefits!

Referral Program Additions

We are happy to announce some new changes to our “Referral Program”:

  1. In addition to earning cash rewards for referring paid customers, now you can also earn points when someone clicks on your referral link to sign up on (either as Contest holder or a Creative).

  2. You now have the ability to personalize your referral link which can be shared on social media or blogs.

    For example, instead of a link that looks like this:,

    You can setup a more personalized link that looks like this:

Here are the benefits of participating in Squadhelp Referral Program:

  1. When someone registers on Squadhelp (as a creative or a contest holder): You earn 250 points.
  2. When someone launches a contest on Squadhelp: You earn $30 Referral Award

In order to get started, visit this link: