Redesigns logos in weekend and rest for designers

Hi @grant,
And I’m not only asking the team, I’m begging to integrate the solution, since I’ve been writing about it for more than a year.
I have written about this many times here and in support and it has not been fixed. If any approved logo designer wants to rest for a certain period of time and go on vacation (by the way, redesign requests can come even on weekends - designers also want to spend time with relatives and friends), for example, for 7-10 days (designers also need rest, inspiration, and new creative forces), what to do in this case, if a request for a redesign comes logo from the seller and there is a deadline of 48 hours to edit the logo, but the designer does not have a laptop with him or does not have access to the Internet at all? What to do in this case? Can the team come up with some technical solution (it is not difficult to implement) so that during this period, when the designer is resting, for example, if there is a request for a redesign, that designer does not receive those requests? For example, add a field in the settings where the designer can indicate when he will be unavailable and for what period (specified dates). As soon as it becomes available, requests for redesign, if any, will come immediately and the designer will be able to update them already in a calm working rhythm. This would be very useful because there have been cases when a person is on vacation, has bad internet, or no access at all, and requests for redesigns come in it creates a lot of tension at the same time, a person cannot rest and relax on vacation, because he knows that there is a request for a redesign and there are clear deadlines and you urgently need to find a connection (or in general the person did not take the laptop with him on vacation and this is generally a problem). A designer is not a robot but also a living person, we also need rest and recovery from time to time. And make it so that requests for redesigns do not come to designers from Friday evening until morning Monday. Or an even simpler solution, remove the timer from the logo redesign section. As soon as the designer is available, then he will redo the logo, because it is tied to time frames.

Also, if the designer was once paid for the domain for which the redesign request came, give the designer the opportunity to cancel this domain, but automatically deduct from the designer’s balance the amount that the designer once received for this domain. It often happens that a redesign for a certain domain comes several times over a long period of time and it does not always turn out that the designer completely feels the idea that the seller wants, and with each redesign the creative state is overloaded and becomes exhausting for a designer, it is better to be able to give up this domain, suddenly another the designer will better understand the idea of the seller.

In short:

  1. Remove the timer from the logo redesign section so that the designer is not tied to a time frame if a logo redesign needs to be done.
  2. Provide the ability to cancel a logo that needs a redesign when the designer has already been paid for it, but remove that amount from designer balance.
  3. Don’t assign logo redesigns from Friday night to Monday morning.