Real Time Naming

I was wondering if Squadhelp has ever considered doing something like real-time naming?
This was an idea I had after some of my entries were getting ratings after the contest was closed.

I thought it might be interesting to have a pre-set time (set by the CH) where we could go to the contest for a period of time and get direct feedback on our entries. This would be something the CH would have to chose to do, but I thought it might be helpful for the creative process. I was thinking this would be done sometime during the contest that the CH chooses. It could be for ten minutes or 20 minutes…with the idea that it would give a short period of time where we could interact in real-time with the CH. I don’t know if this would be viable for a platform like this. I know when I am working on a contest and really have my mind on it, it could really help with the development of names. Just a thought…


Wow, @ChristyMay, what a fantastic idea!

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Great idea, but how would it work when we are global? Different time zone.

@ChristyMay - This is a very creative idea. However, @LisaMac makes a good point.
We’ll add it to the list for consideration.

It could be done in several time zones

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Or make closed contests actually a closed contest. Their rating privileges should be over once a winner has been decided. What’s the point in rating after a decision has been made, to penalize namers, to reward namers?

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