Ratings change within a single contest, how is the % calculated then?

I have looked in the FAQ, and I have read past posts on the ratings system. However, I can’t quite find the information I’m looking for. I have had the same entry go from OTRT to Like, to Love, to Shortlist and back down to NTY, all within the same contest. Sometimes this is while the contest is still Open, sometimes it’s while Pending. How does this all affect the calculation of my percentile ranking? Do I get any rankings lift for at least having been Shortlisted, even if it was downgraded? Does all this get cancelled out because the final ranking was a NTY? Any clarification would be appreciated!


Top rating is calculated, it was mentioned in previous discussions


Thanks for clarifying that. I had read through all posts since 2016 and got very mixed information. It sounded at one point that there was a difference in % calculations as to whether the rating changes happened during an Active contest or after it Closed.

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