Ratings by Contest Holder Pie

Can you add a 4th color to the pie, for UNRATED…the pie is misleading the way it looks.
If they only rate 20, it only takes into account the 20 only and the pie looks like they are on top of their rating process, why not show how many are NOT rated as well. Most pies will be mostly that unrated color and you can have numbers to see if your new “ways to make them rate more” is really working or not.


@jackieheraty, good suggestion. We will add something along these lines. We might add this information in the other chart (side by side to the daily entries that were submitted)

On the overall tracking of whether the CH are rating more entries than before, we are monitoring this closely at an overall level for each week, and comparing it to previous weeks. We are seeing a consistent increase in the % of entries being rated compared to previous weeks and months.


Awesome, thanks Dan.