Rating/Feedback from Contest Holder

Is there anyway we can get the contest holders to response to our entries accordingly by rating it in time? It is very frustrating to keep submitting and hear or see no action at all from the contest holders. On the other hand, some contest holders did mention that they are experiencing some technical problems while trying to rate - if there is a case, is there anyway to get it resolved soonest?

Thank you.

@Scop, we are working on several ways to get more participation from contest holder. Please refer to some of the other threads on this topic. We have already rolled out several features, including consistent rating criteria, as well as alerts on contest holder dashboard. There are several more changes underway to further improve the participation.

Regarding the specific technical issues you mentioned, there was a temporary glitch where the rated entries didn’t show immediately, and the contest holders had to refresh the page. This issue has now been resolved.

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