Rant ,misguided?

So ch asked for on right track names to remain visible. .So I resubmitted and got booted. Moral here, lesson learned. .What’s your thoughts?

You mean he put it in the “nah” category?

Sure did!20Characters

So I simply left a comment and removed all my submissions including my other "on right track "names.

I think by asking to leave names in “on track” category…CH was probably still considering. But then after reconsidering, decided against it.It could have gone the other way though.

It’s frustrating…but I have actually had 4 or 5 star names that have been trending,suddenly be diminished to a “nah” as they try to whittle their list down.That is way more painful! I know it seems insulting though.

When that happens I usually look at how they are scoring overall. If they are rating everyone pretty much low, then I usually elect not to waste my names or time. (No more names for you! lol!)


I should have went with my gut instinct and just not have resubmitted. I’m beginning to feel I’m not cut out for these creative ideas. Thinking of leaving sh all together.

I understand completely how you feel Mary but don’t give up. Even the most successful creatives here go through periods of doubt and less than stellar results. It oftentimes takes months of dedicated participation to score a win. I know it took months for me to score my first win and many times I go for months in between wins. There are only a select few who manage to win semi-regularly and many of them would say it’s not nearly enough. I think the trick is to just focus on the fun of the competition and trying to hone your skills. Count the loses as learning experiences for the next time around. Naming is very subjective but after a while you get a bit more of a sense of what works and what doesn’t. Every now and then you will come across that special client who loves your work. Your style just clicks with them and it makes you feel like a pro. Even though wins are scarce I am still considerably better at this now than I was when I first started. I know it is MUCH easier said than done. I too strongly considered leaving the site out of frustration and disappointment but the great supportive community here reached out to me and changed my mind. I hope you’ll change your mind too. Don’t give up. It gets better.


I agree to pro, suggestive is the key imo. Sometimes I will look back at my proposed names and think maybe a 5 year old got on and submitted names for me and other times I will think I have a great name but CH does not. Oh well still waiting for my first win too, I would just like to see how it feels to name a company.

I mean I agree with tkpro

Thx2tkpro. I will put my disappointment behind and learn from it.

I agree with tkpro72. For every success…there are probably 100 discouragements.It’s tough to work so hard,and submit names you think are perfect fits, just to have them rejected, or ultimately not chosen.I don’t care if you’ve won zero contests or 50 contests…it still stings!

I was where you were, about 6 weeks or so into naming.After working like 5-7 hours a day trying to come up with names, make word lists etc,and having zero results,I was totally discouraged.

I had posted something on the forum asking whether I should keep going ,or give up,or take a break…as even when I was trending,I couldn’t seem to get a win. People were encouraging, and right after that I got my first win,and I felt validated…but then it was another month or so of working constantly before I got another win.

Then something miraculous happened, and I got like 4 wins in 4 days, and I about passed out!

I thought Yay!.. maybe I finally have this naming thing figured out after all…(not!) and then went a good three or four weeks without winning anything at all, and getting abysmal ratings overall,even though I felt like on the whole, I was submitting quality names.

Then out of the blue…one hit a few days ago.(I wasn’t even trending when the contest closed).
So you never know!

True…just because you like doing something, doesn’t always mean you are always stellar at it,and some people might not have what it takes, and the determination to succeed at this.I’ve learned you have to get a tough skin,because everybody loses more than they win.

But if you do get 4 and 5 stars at times,or even 3 stars,(or the equivalent…) it means you have a knack for it, and should hang in.Ratings overall have been tough for about everyone…I rarely get 5 stars anymore…so you just have to determine if you enjoy the process, and have faith in your names.I think there is a definite learning curve to this…and you pick up more insight,and get better, the longer you do it.

If you feel you have creative names,and are improving as you go along…then with time and patience it should come together. Hang in there, and best of luck!


Well said, @tkpro72 !

I’m sorry for your frustration, but I’m glad I’m not alone! I was literally coming here to rant myself lol and this was the first thing I read. I feel much better and feel motivated to keep trying!

However, I don’t feel better about the rating system. I’ve only been doing this a couple of weeks so I’m no expert, but I see room for improvement.

I don’t think CH should be able to view a submission without giving it an initial rating. That feedback is crucial for us creatives! Also, while I see the importance of CH being able to weed out the names they do like, but decide not to use, I don’t think a submission should be allowed to be demoted. If the name struck a chord with CH at some point, you’ve done your job. Just because it’s not the winning submission it shouldn’t go from a like to a nah. That’s just not fair. You get no credit for good submission. There should be an option for CH to simply take that submission out of the running without affecting its rating!

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