Questions regarding CH behavior - what do we do?

I have questions regarding 2 things that have happened to me. I didn’t know what to do and I let them pass but I thought I would ask for the future.

Case 1: A contest started and I immediately submitted several names. After doing so, the CH went back and changed their description and “names they like” to names almost identical to what I already submitted. What should I have done?

Case 2: A CH sent a nasty, degrading private comment on one of my names. I withdrew all of my names as a result. The problem is that the comment wasn’t foul language or anything like that. Just incredibly rude and dismissive. I moved on but I wasn’t sure if I should do something about it or not. I didn’t wan’t to sound like a crybaby and I took it with a grain of salt but then I wondered how many others were getting them and wished I had said something. I did NOT respond to the CH. What should I have done?


they are the paying customer so best not to say anything in public, just copy and paste and send to the people at the ? box and let them decide on action or not


I agree with not saying anything directly to them. My question was really where to send it. Thank you for the answer.

One of the CH sent me a PM ridiculing my name. Some time ago, a CH ripped the creatives for what he thought were childish type of names. I complained here, and I believe SH sent that CH a note…

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[quote=“LauraE, post:4, topic:1236”]
One of the CH sent me a PM ridiculing my name.[/quote]
Yep, happened to me a couple of days ago too. :disappointed:



Ouch! I wonder if it’s the same CH

there was the one that said he was paying for a service and getting rubbish - I wonder if he ever found anything lol

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Thanks for your responses to my one question about private insults. I guess I have to decide if it is worthwhile to say anything to SH when this happens or not. I imagine we are talking about the same CH as it was recent.

But then the issue of a CH changing their description after seeing your name that they like or love. I guess that is just another thing that can’t be stopped.


Probably. :grimacing:

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Your situation sounds awful, Commulinks. I just experienced the reverse situation: a CH sending many messages how close my entries were. However, I never received any rating above a weak smile. It’s upsetting to get degrading feedback. But I find it more than a little irritating to be told how well I’m doing when ratings show otherwise. I won’t say which contest. Actually, it’s happened multiple times.


I very rarely get any feedback at all - I would say 1 in 100 entries

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I had the same thing happen a few weeks back,Shommy.The CH private messaged me saying how much they loved my name and how I had their vision…then gave me an “on the right track”.It’s hard to understand sometimes, isn’t it?


Yup, that happened to me, too!

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I have to say some are not putting much effort into saying what they want these days…they are almost like a riddle that needs solving.Surely thats not the way to go about things

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