Questions about nondisclosure agreements


I have some questions about the nondisclosure agreements. As a general rule, I never agreed to anything without discussing it with my lawyer first. However, I suppose that these agreements are limited enough that I don’t have to worry, but I would like to know exactly to whom I cannot disclose this information. Is it that I cannot tell anyone the information, or are there certain groups that I may share the information with? For example, may I discuss the information with other people who have also signed the nondisclosure agreement? May I discuss the information with my lawyer, or my social worker? Or is it that I may not discuss the information with any living person under any circumstances? It would be great if there were some way to print out the nondisclosure agreements so I could show them to my lawyer. Agreeing to any type of legal instrument is always scary.


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@MikeLandau Participation in our platform requires that our users must agree to our Terms of Service, and agree to the Non Disclosure Agreement (if you are intending to join the contests that are protected by NDA). Many of our customers are seeking names for products or services that are still in early stage and are not publicly announced. In addition, they may share information in their brief that is confidential and can hurt their business if it is discovered by their competitors. Therefore, you are prohibited from disclosing any information to others that is not otherwise considered “public information”.

If you have questions about any aspects of the Terms of Service, or the NDA, you have the right to seek legal opinion to seek guidance, and you can decide to not participate if you are not comfortable with the Terms.

Our team would be glad to send you a copy of the NDA if you are unable to print it from the contest page. You can blue button and ask for this information.


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Okay, thank you! Are the nondisclosure agreements for every contest exactly the same, or do they differ from contest to contest?