Questioning CH about deleting entries that have been seen/not rated or no thank you

I see this question or a variation on many contests and am wondering why this is allowed.

Why have limits on numbers of submissions if there is a back door way to get around it, and it causes this question to constantly be asked of contest holders?


I see what you’re saying but that’s not the only reason that question is asked. I personally have asked that question in contests where my entries are seen but left unrated while other creative’s entries are rated because I want to determine whether to continue working on the contest or delete all my entries and move on to the next. I see no point in wasting more time if my entries are not hitting the mark with CH holder. I’d rather delete them and start fresh somewhere else. On the other hand I don’t want to delete them all if the client simply hasn’t gotten around to rating them. I don’t make a habit of asking but I have asked a few times. That’s just my perspective.


I have a bigger problem with creatives asking CHs to stop giving out no thank-yous because it is affecting their ratings. If a CH doesn’t tell you what submissions are off target, you have nothing from which to improve.


That is actually against policy and as far as I know it is penalized. We are not allowed to ask CH to rate our entries nor question ratings that are given.


I would dearly love it if contestants would stop asking this question or if it became a “not allowed” thing on SH. The CH usually has no idea what people are talking about. I personally move on to other contests if my entries are seen but not rated and I think this should absolutely be the rule. I am glad you brought this up because it is super annoying. Assume that your entries are not under consideration if they are seen but not rated. Assume that you should move on. Don’t withdraw the entries. Leave them, just in case the CH missed them and move on.


Personally I couldn’t care less if someone asks for entries to be rated.
I feel if we spend our time and thought coming up with a name they should be considerate enough to rate them, even if it’s a NTY


Logically, the request for the evaluation of the entries should be prohibited. Indeed, the flow of such appeals from the authors is not the most positive way can affect the customer’s attitude to the resource.

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And yet, there have been CHs who have thanked the creative for bringing it up as they didn’t seem to realize we are in limbo not knowing if our names have been seen, makes a difference in how we proceed.

But I do say that badgering a CH with repeated appeals is detriment and unprofessional