Question regarding percentages

@dan I’ve looked at my percentages and have a question. My public profile says I have 70 entries , 15 high rated and 63 other, this is 78 entries. The percentage totals are equal to the 78 figure which is 19.2% . If the 70 figure is correct then it should equate to 21.4%. I’ve checked my entries which are 59 yet obviously I have deleted some and they do not show. I am presuming this is a glitch which may or may not be in my favour or am I missing something?
If a glitch I would like SH to be aware of this

@dan Also what is the minimum requirement for full access? It states on SH :
" As long as you submit thoughtful entries which follow the contest brief, your account should get upgraded to full access within the first two weeks of your sign up date"

I’ve now been here 3 weeks.
Thanks, David

@Demlurge, as announced in couple of other recent threads, we now include deleted entries when calculating the high rated percentage. In your case, the 78 figure includes the deleted entries, and therefore is used for the calculation of 19.2%.

Regarding your other question, we do not publicly disclose the algorithm/ rules for getting full access. However many users get full access in 2-4 weeks based upon their high rated %. You should receive it soon.


Thanks for clearing that up with me.
I was mainly confused due to the fact I counted 59 showing when I looked at a my entries. Must have miscounted as now it’s 70 so my error. I must apologise as if I had counted correctly first time I wouldn’t have bothered you with such a mundane question. I just hope my ability to create names is better than my ability to count :neutral_face:

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@vision no I counted them one by one , I went to night school so sometimes I have difficulty counting in the daytime :smirk:

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@dan I love coincidences, cheers :wink::sunglasses: