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I finally won a contest (whoo hoo)! I sent the contest holder a message telling them how much I appreciated that they chose my entry, because it felt like the polite thing to do. Then I wondered if that was appropriate. I don’t know if the site has any “policy” on that. I would think it’s OK, but wondered about it.


@Dianna Congratulations on your Win…YAY !!! …I asked after winning my first contest if it was OK to send a private message to the CH to thank them for the opportunity and they replied that it was fine :grinning:

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I didn’t even think to ask about it beforehand, but I’m glad I didn’t do anything that was “frowned upon”. Thank you!


Congrats, Dianna! I generally do the same thing. I really liked Seezall’s idea earlier today on a different thread about creating a special “thank you card” for the CHs. Its time has come!


I agree @auntshommy …really great idea Seezall !!!


Thanks for the “congrats” - it sure felt good to win one! I also agree that a thank you card is a great idea!


Congratz on your 1st win too, Dianna! - I used to send a “Thank You PM” too, but then there was a buzz about some Creatives having sent a ton of PMs to the Clients, so I stopped - I think a “Thank-You” link is a great idea. :sunglasses:


I wasn’t sure where to post this. We just got an e-mail from the CH of-I think it’s contest 6247-ManuP. It sounds like he’s expecting to receive more entries, but that contest has closed. I’m wondering if he’s planning to choose from what he has or extend the contest, since we were given new directions to work with. Could we find out? Thanks.