Question for Logo Makers

What are you guys using to make your logos?
What software program?
Anyone use Keyboard and Mouse only or are you using a wacom unit?

Really, no logo maker in the forum?

@Efry My understanding is the Logo maker contestants use Adobe or something equivalant of their own and stock photos to create their art.


The most commonly used program for Logo Design is Adobe Illustrator CS3. It is important to keep in mind that all assets used must be free of any copyright or Trademark issues. Although you can initially upload the logo submission to the contest in a jpg or png format, if you win a contest, you would need to provide the original source files in Adobe Illustrator format, as well as a vector format.

I also have Adobe Illustrator, have only played with it a little, I am more of a Photoshop / After Effects guy. I was curious how many of the regular logo workers are doing so with only keyboard and mouse. Or if they are all using a Wacom Tablet. A wacom is a touch sensitive pad or tablet that allows you to draw with a pen rather than using a mouse. A wacom gives much better control, speed, fine detal etc. I do not have a wacom so was wondering if any of the more experienced guys were using mouse only and if they were having any difficulties competing in the logo contests.

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Keyboard, mouse and Illustrator only here. Never have used the Tablet but it is something I would love to try out. I’ve looked at a few and it seems they could really help with capturing that image right away, especially for someone like me that fumbles through the pen tool like they’ve never used it before …every time. :slight_smile: