Question for Creatives with High Volume Submissions

Hey there!

New around here, and I’ve done a little searching on the forum, but it’s difficult to find if this has been discussed.

If you’re submitting 5 to 30 entries, are they what you would consider your best and how many did you go through to get to those entries?

When in ad school, and with my clients in the past, I would have to brainstorm many (10 to 30 maybe) ideas to get to about 2 to 5 that really seemed to take the cake. I was taught this is normal and natural, but there are times you can be inspired and your first 3 ideas are really as good as you think they are. So when I see Creatives submitting 20 entries (then 14 become highly rated), and the contest has only been active for a few hours, I’m naturally curious: did the Creative write 50 and whittle it down to 20? Are the entries the throw away ideas with the “I’m sure the CH is gonna love this!” ideas? How long did it take, 15 mins or 2 hours?

Personally, I can spend an hour coming up with 30 to 50 names only to come away with about 3 I really like and maybe 2 backups. Then the domain checker whittles that down to 2 entries. That’s another thing, it amazes me there are 20 names with domains available!

But I digress, it doesn’t hurt me that I don’t submit that much because I don’t have the ratings for submitting more, and I often don’t create more than a few high quality (I believe) ones, but I’m curious about what goes on in the heads of Creatives who do and what the creative process is like for you.



Hi @SeeSmith - Welcome to the Madness :upside_down_face:

One of my favorite categories is Food & Beverage and Restaurant names, so I can easily come up with close to 20 names off the top of my head, or I enter several of my (highly rated, but unchosen) names from previous projects.

I take a lot of pride in submitting what I consider quality and viable names for the Clients, so no “throwing 50 names against the wall” and hoping that something sticks for me. :wink:

Not sure if that answered your question, but that’s one of the strategies I use, when I enter a “high volume” of submissions in a particular contest. :hammer_and_wrench:


Welcome and good to meet you SeeSmith!
I am a super low submitter. I tend to over think for hours or days and if I’m lucky I get something rated well. I always wonder about the 50 submissions in the first hour as to their quality but I guess many here have these names already written down and just copy paste and toss it in, see if it sticks.

Best of luck to you and as Alwritey said, welcome to the madness :sunflower:


Welcome! Great question - I often wondered the same myself! :slight_smile:


Hi @SeeSmith ! I Agree with @AlwriteyThen, Madness Indeed. to us Creatives being here for more than a year now, we have higher limit for submitting entries. as for me, my limit is 25 but most of the time i only submit 10-15 entries initially just to test the water. i read the brief many times. if not specified in the brief, i submit Names in different Styles, atleast in 3 different directions, research about the business, and sometimes even if its going on the right direction, maybe the choice of words i used is the problem. Lucky are those who get direct comments from the contest holder coz that helps alot. but if i don’t get ratings at all, i don’t submit more ideas, and focus my time on contest with Active/Hands on CHs. Receiving No thank you Entries is better than Seen but not rated, coz you don’t know where or how to continue. its glad to see new creatives like you joining the squad. we welcome you, and looking forward to hearing more from you.


Haha, thanks!
Yes, that does answer my question partially. Just to clarify, those 20 names you can come up with right away, do you like all of them or do you refine them when you read them back over?

Personally, when I come up with that many, there are only about 3 that I really like, fit the brief, etc. It may just be my style. Even though I follow the guidelines they made in the onboarding video, I’ve always been a brainstormer and write down everything that comes to mind–even if I don’t like it. Sometimes I can Frankenstein something together I really like and the client happens to like as well.


I do something similar. Obviously, I’m only allowed 3 entries at the start, so I try to enter three styles I think fit the brief and see the response. Glad I’m not the only one with that tactic, it makes me feel like I’m going in the right direction and making good habits.

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As I’m reading the Brief, the cogs in my head start turning and churning the ideas out - And yes, I like pretty much all of them :sparkling_heart:

Again, I don’t enter anything that I feel isn’t suitable for the Client. :100:


I’ll be devil’s advocate here. I really am puzzled how some people submit 40,60,80 entries into a contest. I have the ability to do so,with my percentages…but never have come even close.(Don’t think I could come up with 80 quality names for one contest,or even 40.Sometimes 5-10 taxes my brain…lol!) I know for personal reasons,I was away from SH for about 3 years or so…but I thought the method of “spraying and praying” was highly frowned upon.Yet it is very common now. Has something changed?

Unless the CH changes the direction of the contest several times( which does happen) I have difficulty thinking why anyone would have a reason to submit such high volumes of names,unless they are as other creatives say,throwing anything out hoping something will hit.

One of the big problems with this in my mind,is it can possibly give certain creatives who employ this method, an unbalanced advantage…but even more so, it can make the CH so overwhelmed with the sheer volume of entries,that they give up and stop looking at them or rating,which means many times,those who come " late to the party" may not even have their well thought out entries even seen,let alone rated.

I may be wrong…but that’s why in the past I thought " spraying and praying" was not allowed,in order to give everyone a more balanced shot,and not annoy or overwhelm the CH. Anybody in the know( Grant,maybe?) want to share what SH’s current position is on this? Thx


Before I submit domains to contests, first I look through my premium domains, then my standard domains to see if there is a fit. If not then I look through the listings on SH trying to
find the best fit.

Sometimes I’m at a loss and can’t find names that I think are a good fit. What is best to do then? submit an unregistered name? I would really appreciate a response to this!
Thank you!

I was thinking this as well! I assumed good intentions since I’m new here and thought people would be following the rules. But when I see a brief of about 5 sentences, yet someone has submitted 30 entries, there’s NO WAY those are high quality entries. There’s no information to base it on!

Even in my short time here I’ve read CH comments about having paused a contest due to the high number of entries. Additionally, they’ll note in brief changes not to use spelling variations or other little changes. This implies that the entries they’re seeing are in that realm of spraying and praying. There are people who clearly are submitting a lot of high quality names (they have wins, they ask questions, etc.)

I’m exactly concerned about having a level playing field. When I see a contest that has over 1,000 entries, and the folks who have 10, 20, or 30 entries have 3-8 highly rated and shortlisted entries, I wonder, “What’s the point?” “Will the CH even care about my 1-3 entries coming in at the end?”. I enter anyways, but it does concern me.


Welcome back HollyGirl! Not sure if this helps but here is what I found on entry limits and yes Spraying and Praying is still not an acceptable practice and could cause your account to be restricted.

The ability to submit entries to a contest is based upon two factors:

  1. Your overall Percentile Ranking Score
  2. Your Ratings on the current contest

Here are the specific rules for number of entries allowed per contest:

Percentile Ranking Score

  • Creatives with Percentile Ranking Score of 60% or below: 2 active entries (4 total including withdrawn entries)
  • Creatives with Percentile Ranking Score between 60% and 65%: 3 active entries (5 total including withdrawn entries)
  • Creatives with Percentile Ranking Score between 65% and 70% : 5 active entries (10 total including withdrawn entries)
  • Creatives with Percentile Ranking Score between 70% and 75%: 10 active entries (15 total including withdrawn entries)
  • Creatives with Percentile Ranking Score between 75% and 80%: 15 active entries (20 total including withdrawn entries)
  • Creatives with Percentile Ranking Score between 80% and 85%: 20 active entries (30 total including withdrawn entries)
  • Creatives with Percentile Ranking Score between 85% and 90%: 25 active entries (35 total including withdrawn entries)
  • Creatives with Percentile Ranking Score greater than 90%: 40 active entries

In addition, if you receive a high rating in the current contest, you will be allowed to submit bonus 5 entries for each high rating received.


This topic has already been discussed here:

I am able to submit several dozen names in the contest, but I don’t like to enter the quantity race.
Unfortunately, the trendy triad (in many contests) is mostly made up of “racers”, and I have to accept the rules of the game since I’m not a native speaker.

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Seems too high on upper end and too low on lower end. Thanks for explaining

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Unfortunately for me sometimes when I hit on an instant, good in my mind direction, I find it hard not to go with it for a bit. It’s great if client likes vein of thought but if they don’t I’m done… and I’m done a lot. Those on fire nights are usually disappointing in am. I still wish they’d give a pause after day one where client reviews gives an everybody message on if we are hitting direction. Too many clients don’t participate in public messages to lead their own contests. jealous you were in. I’d have love the old adman days. As for spray and pray I hate the term because it implies no work or subpar work. Anything but. It’s just my process. Submit keep thinking and ten minutes later go running to submit because something better hit. Here’s the thing, briefs are often either barely there with little communication or overdone with so many emotions and values they align with so you have to start with a little spray. I honestly feel there’s too much give at the top and too little at the bottom. There’s zero room for growth at the bottom actually so I get their beef. We have also had some gaming and accusations that asking questions were gaming soooo…

Yes they will. I used to feel the same way till I came in at the end and won. Give it a whirl.


@Shelton , English is not your first language? That is a surprise because your English here is very good, I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

If you don’t mind me asking, what is your native language?