Question concerning awaiting domain registration


Grant…I see that now at least half of winning entries are not disclosed and say “awaiting domain registration”.
Does this mean if the domain never gets registered…or takes a long time to get registered,then we never get to know what the winning name is? Or is this for a limited time,and then it is revealed?
I think we need transparency at some point. Thanks!


We have received multiple reports of domains being registered after being displayed on winner board, and then being offered for sale on various platforms

Previously, we used to show these unregistered winning names to Tier A members, keeping with the spirit of transparency. Effective immediately, we will no longer display any unregistered domains on the Winner board until further notice.

We will be announcing further updates which will offer an opportunity for the winner of the contest to sell the domains in the Marketplace as long as they agree to transfer the domain to the original CH at no extra cost if they request access to that domain. We will announce more details in next few days.


It is unfortunate. Hiding entries certainly will solve the problem of names being wrongly registered, but it will also make it easier for some to skirt the rules concerning submissions. Creatives will usually spot an entry that was wrongly copied from the “names we like” portion of a brief, or catch a pattern of extra comments tacked on to the end of submissions. I’m not sure those types of violations will be caught now. Stuff like that cheats the Creative community every bit as much as fraudulent registrations violate the rights of contest holders. Of course, Squadhelp has the ultimate say, and I respect that. Kinda sad, though.


I agree Daisy. I have seen many repeat offenders who consistently skirt rhe rules,that I bluebutton and report. Seems like this makes it alot easier to do it and not get caught.
A shame that its always a few unscrupulous people who ruin things for those who work fair and square.