Question about words in briefs

I know that we are not supposed to use words that the CH has used for names they like, etc. However, if they change their brief and that word is no longer listed as a word/name they like, are we allowed to use it then?

The rule is in place to keep people from submitting ideas the CH has already considered or thought of. So I don’t know 100% about it being against the rules, but I wouldn’t recommend it!

That being said, you can use a word/name the CH provides as direction as long as it’s not an exact match. It must contain some type of variation. The way the question was worded made me wonder if you knew that so I wanted to clarify. :slightly_smiling_face:

To clarify a little more: Let’s say they mention in the brief originally they like a particular one word name as the name of a company. Then they go back and change the brief, taking that out, but state they want the name to match that word as a logo. If you come up with a name that actually has the word in it (but it’s two words - a word added on), could we use that?

As an example, let’s say they like the word Tribal as the name of company, but then later they go back and change it and say that the name of the company should be able to incorporate their logo of a tribal element into the name, and you come up with something like Tribal West, could you use that?

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Hi Brenda, I found this about submitting names. It looks like you can submit variations of names mentioned by the CH, so in the example you mentioned I think it would be fine. This is the link if you are interested. It might Clarify things more, but you can always ask about specific cases directly with the blue button. I have done this in the past and was answered right away :slight_smile:


Thanks, ChristyMay! I’ve been away for a short while but decided to come back. I hadn’t seen a CH say, “We like this name” and then turn around and change their brief, removing that as a name they like, but placing it elsewhere in the brief in a different context. I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t do anything wrong if I used it!

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It is nice to see your face again Brenda :slight_smile:


It’s good to be see you too! And to be seen. :smiley:


Not words, but exact names the CH has said they like or their technical variations (As explained in the helpdesk link Christy gave above). The rule exists because in the past, some contestants have copied and pasted exact names that CHs have listed as “Names they like” and they have been selected as winners.

So If the contest holder wants a name for a Gym and seems to really like names with “Fit” in them, unless they state they don’t want the word used, you should be fine. But you shouldn’t use the exact names they listed or lazy technical variations (NAMEco) for example.


Thanks, lightless! I’m glad to see you’re still here (and still winning!)