Question about rejected names

I don’t know why…but several times lately in my activity feed I have noticed when a CH rejects one of my names, it is repeating twice (talk about adding insult to injury!) Does that mean I am getting dinged for it twice? It is at the same time stamp…so it’s not a matter of them rejecting it,then liking it and rejecting it again…but two rejections at the same time.
Any one else have this happen,or know if we are getting penalized twice for it?


That’s a good question. That happens to me sometimes too.

It happened to me lately no matter what the rating, but my points only changed for a single rating.

My complaint is somewhat similar so I’m just gonna put it here.

I just submitted three names in a contest and decided they weren’t a good fit after reading comments and deleted them. Then I get negative ratings on all of them. When I deleted them it showed they had not viewed them yet. I suppose there is a chance I needed to hit refresh but I’m almost positive I had left the page and came back.

I think I was given the ratings unfairly. The reason I think this is because I get notifications hours after they are relevant. When a comment/new contest is posted, I’ve already read or entered the contest hours prior. I’ve never noticed a huge time delay in ratings like that, but if this was a small delay (say 5 minutes) then it just affected my ratings. Its really no big deal, I guess I just wanted to vent about it lol thanks to any who listened!

Chasity2, I also get notifications really late. SH has said they just don’t have the bandwidth (or whatever it is – I’m not a techie) to send them all out at once. Kind of a bummer.

Hmm…that’s unfortunate. I wonder who gets them first, and why? It’s certainly not me lol

I get them anywhere from an hour and a half to 4 hours later