Question about product names with 'max lengths'

I am pretty new here, so this may have been addressed before. I noticed that the person who won the cigar travel case had a 9 letter win (congrats by the way), but the max length was set to 8. I am pretty sure on this contest and others with a strict cap on letters, it won’t allow you to write anything past that amount. An 8 letter cap was pretty tricky, but am curious how someone was able to actually submit 9 letters?

Again, sorry if this has been asked many times. I always find the tightly capped (letter) contests some of the trickiest to convey the product.


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this is one of those strange things - they ask for 8 in the brief and you can usually enter up to 10.Not exactly sure why but it often happens that a winner hasnt followed the brief

@SMJ110, our system allows an extra 1-2 characters over and above the length being requested by CH. This is because we believe name length is more of a guideline and we don’t want really creative names to be left out just because they were 1 character over the limit requested by CH.

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Im confused why they would ask for 8 though - its confusing when they ask for one thing and pick another- wouldnt it be better if the option was 8-10 letters for instance, then nobody feels cheated or confused


@Jose, good feedback. It is better to show ranges than the exact number of characters.
We will add this change to our list of upcoming enhancements.


thank you I do have my uses

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Thanks for your answer.

There is a new naming contest with a max letter count of 10. However when I try to submit 11-12 letters, it will not submit. I am pretty sure this has happened to me on most contests with such a restriction. Dan, you said the system allows for 1 or 2 letters over, so now I am more confused.

@SMJ110, if you can share the specific naming contest and the exact entry you are looking to submit, we will look into the issue further. You can send that via PM, and I will share with the team to investigate.