Question About Open To Premium Domains


I hope everyone had a good day. I have a question, it might sound dumb but when it says “Open to Premium Domains” does that mean domains from the market place? Because I didn’t see a price limit.


Unless there is a specific mention that they are looking for domains outside the marketplace, you should assume that the standard Open to Premium Domains messaging is referring to domains that are from the Squadhelp Marketplace.

Subbing My "Premium" Names from another platform

Thank you Grant. I just wanted to be sure about it.


Just a THOUGHT… if a contest holder shows interest in PREMIUM DOMAINS … could they have a drop down menu for the contest holder that they could use and guide their search to the marketplace? They could select a category etc??


Can you explain this concept in a bit more detail so we can review and consider?


You may want to name them something else because most people will consider a Premium Domain to be any domain which has an after market price. Premium is more of a descriptor than a name and is leading to confusion as proved by the fact that someone had to ask the question.

And you didn’t mention anything about price points. Should we ask each CH that says they are open to Premium Domains what their price point is? Or should we wait to receive a No Thank You and then guess that the price must have been too high?


Thank you for your thoughts. We will continue to refine our approach to premium domains, the Squadhelp Marketplace, and contests, based on our growing insights and feedback.

From the current information that we’ve gathered, we believe that the vast majority of customers who are open to premium domains will be open to the pricing that is set for the majority of Marketplace Domains.

When submitting to a contest that is open to premium domains, we recommend that you carefully consider the customer’s brief, and submit only a few premium names that you believe are highly relevant.


I have to disagree with the above statement. I think the vast majority have no clue what we are talking about because the ‘I am open to Premium Domain’s’ box is checked by default. I asked one CH the other day in the public message section if they had a spending limit in mind because the award was only $100. They replied that they were a new business and wouldn’t be spending any extra. And as far as I remember, they didn’t change the brief, it still said they were open to Premium Domains.

Wouldn’t CH’s look at the Marketplace first, then after seeing nothing they liked, start a contest? I am basing this on the Recent Winners section. I have only noticed one contest which says ‘’. Wouldn’t this be an indicator of how many domains have been sold by way of contests? So there’s only been one Premium Domain sold through the contests?

And this leads me to another question. How do you prevent something like two different people submitting the same Premium Domain? Couldn’t one person submit and another person submit In this way, the same name is entered twice by two people. Is there a format we have to use to prevent this sort of problem?


Sure… I dont know how the contest holder end works out on how they select their categories… For example I am a start up tech company and I am looking for a name that is “TECHY” So on the creative side it asks us to submit a name and pick different categories etc. So obviously when they are organized on the market place you can search by key word or category… so when a new contest holder comes in and they select the category of the type of contest they are having, and if they are open to a PREMIUM DOMAIN there can maybe be some type of pop up or menu when they state premium domain it can first take them to the marketplace as an option. This would save SH managed Services time because the Market Place is highly curated and the domain names have already have been vetted thru an algorithm of sorts. Just a thought