Question about Domain Name Availability

I am curious about what is considered available by the system. I was looking for a domain name for a contest today and found one that would have been perfect. I went to and it is listed there as available for the standard $11.99. Not like it is an active web site.
But when I try to put the domain into the contest it gets auto rejected as not available. Are there any options for CH when they set up a contest looking for a domain name to accept entries for domain names taken but available for low cost like on

If it’s listed for the basic price…the name should be available.If it clears the whois…then you should be able to submit.

Every now and then I have had that happen where for some reason the system keeps saying everything I submit is unavailable,when I know the names are available.I either back out of the contest and reload and try again…or once I had to message the team to check it out and they found there was a temporary glitch.

So if it keeps happening…have the team check it out.Best of luck!


Cool, Ill go back and give it another go and see what happens. Thanks

Yep looks like it is working now. Odd. Maybe it was a bug or I was maybe putting it in wrong, missing letter or something. Thanks for the response Hollygirl.