Quality vs Quantity

We have been receiving feedback from several Contest Holders, that some creatives are continuing to submit random ideas without taking the time to read the contest brief. We believe this directly contributes to contest abandonment. Therefore, effective today, we have begun a manual review of creative submissions. If we find that certain creatives are engaging in submitting too many random entries without taking the time to read the contest brief, we will reduce their entry limits to 2 per contest (until they have a chance to demonstrate higher quality submissions).

If your account gets limited after this review, you will see a message on the “Submit Entry” page. You will have the ability to request another review every 30 days, and if your submission quality improves, we will remove the entry restrictions from your account.


Ahhhhhh!!! You made me smile today) Thank you,


LOVE this…thank you!


Does this limitation apply if you are on the leaderboard? In some contests, I only submit a few names. In others, I have many ideas. All still follow the brief, but sometimes I’ll have 12 entries on a contest. Being on the leaderboard has given me the opportunity to submit up to 25 per contest. (Though I don’t foresee being on the leaderboard in the near future…my well has run dry.)

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No it hasn’t @VelocityGirl you’re an awesome namer and there’s a reason you are allowed that many entries. Just because you may submit a lot on some doesn’t mean they’re not well thought out. You’ll shine again!! Keep it up :blush:


Think its geared more towards land grabbing over subbing names like in your case, keeping in line with the brief. I personally don’t think it should matter if you are on the leaderboard or not. because if your getting there by quantity alone it kind of defeats the purpose. Thats not to say there can be quality in quantity as well

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@VelocityGirl, this review will be independent of any other status. Although the chances of someone on leaderboard getting flagged for low quality submissions is low, it can happen. This mainly applies to those creatives who continue to submit large number of names in each contest, without paying too much attention to the contest brief.

Naming is very subjective. Contest holders and namers may not be on the same page about the merit of a name. Sometimes abstract or unrelated but good sounding names will have to be put out there to gauge how the contest holder reacts to, and rates different concepts and ideas.

I hope the manual review takes the nature of the beast into consideration. Being restricted to 2 entries for a month is a hard thing to take for any Squadhelp creative.


just a thought…
can we do some sort of numbers of entry limit - for all creatives.

Something Like…
5 active entries until you get at least one “on right track”
10 active until 1 Like It

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To Anjy:
IMHO such restriction would be incompatible with creative search.


Yes it is very subjective - we don’t know which way to go if they don’t rate it !!!


It will be very interesting to see what SH learns from this and tries to figure out why a creative would sub what they did. Personally, I think the creative should be given a chance to justify their submissions before being docked because sometimes the CH may not realize how we have interpreted what they wrote.


I would tend to think Admin would know if they are “thoughtful” entries and just didn’t fall in line with the CH’s vision, as opposed to having a prelist of names say for a finance co. and you just sub the list and don’t read the brief,


I wonder if it would help to have creatives submit how they came up with the name or how the name was inspired for each entry. This could be done once they get below a certain percentage ??? …hmmm… might give the CH too much to read though.

We agree that naming is subjective and many times it takes an iterative approach to really get an idea of what a CH is looking for. This is why we have decided to do this only on the basis of a manual review. Without these limits, we do believe that a CH will get overwhelmed, and abandon the contest because the high quality submissions will get lost among many of the submissions that just seem random.

For example, here are some examples of names submitted by a creative in a recent contest:


Now it is one thing to gauge whether a CH is open to abstract names by submitting 1 or 2 abstract ideas, and then waiting for their feedback. However, if someone submits above 5 names in a contest within few minutes of viewing the contest brief, there is a problem that needs to be addressed. There are several other patterns we look at before deciding whether the limits need to be reduced. and in many cases we also reopen the limits once we find that the creative has changed their submission approach.

We absolutely want creatives to explore different angles and submit several thoughtful names to get an idea of what the CH is looking for. However if someone is consistently submitting names that seem random or do not align with the brief, we will intervene and limit their submissions, to be fair to other creatives who work hard in submitting thoughtful ideas in a contest.


^ Thank you, thank you,THANK YOU!!! :kiss:


Some of the CH…ask for …random…6 letters word…
No…meaning…required. …
How about…those…contests?..
are…we…allowed…meaningless names…?

I will request. .SH…at…least…one.
.warning…to…withdraw those
…random…names…before…taking…any…action…if. possible.



@anjy if that’s what the CH is requesting then you’re following the brief and have nothing to worry about. Also, if you’re straying from the brief, that’s okay too! We can test the waters! I’m assuming this policy is in place due to creatives submitting the same list of names to every contest regardless of the brief in hopes of something sticking.

FYI I have several names that I use repeatedly. However, I don’t use them in EVERY contest and I only use them when I can make it fit. I think this would be obvious to SH if they were to investigate. My point is I think the people they’re truly concerned about are probably pretty obvious due to there entry patterns.