Pushing a domain after wholesale


Hi! I’ve just sold a domain I own on the wholesale market. It is registered on godaddy. The buyer specified only his namesilo account ID. Is it possible to push a domain from one registrar to another? (I suppose not, but I’ve never done this) I tried to google this, but all I’m getting is details about how to push a domain to another account on the same registrar.


Hope that helps!

If you are not comfortable with that, ask you buyer to open a GoDaddy account and push to that, and let them do the transfer from GoDaddy to Namesilo if they want to transfer registrar. Whoever the buyer is will have this issue over and over again if they don’t open a GoDaddy account.


Able, you’re always so willing to help others!! I appreciate that very much.


Thank you so much, AbleBrands! I was actually thinking you might answer :smiley: That’s awesome from you to share from your knowledge and experience! I’ll propose the buyer to make a godaddy account(in case he doesn’t have one), as that would mean a so much faster transfer. The transfer fee wouldn’t be a problem, as my domain is expiring soon anyway and I see that transferring automatically adds a one year extension, but it would take a few days from what I see. The process of transferring a domain seems a bit daunting at first, but if he will opt for that, that’s what I’m gonna do. Wondering if SH’s message system does work, though :slight_smile:


So sorry for this, but I got another question. If a client does choose transfer to another registrar and I’ve already unlocked the domain and got my authorization code(I’ve also checked, the domain is not privately registered), what I have to do next is: give the authorization code to the buyer; buyer initiates the transfer; I accept the transfer. Is this correct, or I’m missing something?


@raresfarcas You are spot on. Absolutely correct.

It will take up to 5 days for the transfer to complete, or you can speed up the process by manually accepting by following these instructions: https://www.godaddy.com/help/accept-or-decline-a-transfer-to-another-registrar-6040


Awesome! Thank you so much! I honestly googled this numerous times and also checked your first link from namesilo.com plus a domainers forum, but still wasn’t 100% sure that I got this right! Big thanks!


No problem! :slight_smile:

It’s good that it’s here in one thread now because it will help others in the future too.