Pulling up the Brief in the Submit Name page


I love the ability to view the brief on the ‘submit your name’ page, but there is a bit of a problem with it. It will not show an updated brief, just the original one…



Can you share an example where the information does not update in the Submit Your Entries page? If a CH has updated the brief, it should reflect everywhere.

We are aware that the Submit Entry page does not show the entire brief (it excludes certain information). We plan to fix that soon.

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I think it might have been Skevans who brought this up previously(if I’m naming the wrong originator…sorry!) It would make it so much easier if on the name submission page, the whole content came up and not a synopsis.Many times I have to toggle back and forth between both pages to review the whole brief while I am submitting my name,which will kick out my name and I have to reenter it again after reading the brief…Excellent point!

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@Dan, it’s contest #6482 ‘Key selling highlights’. It seems like even if the contest had a small brief, and it was updated, I still had the same problem.

@hollygirl I use to have to print out the brief in order not to go back and forth like you mentioned. I thought it was much simpler until I had a paper behemoth!

I often find that the brief hasn’t changed even though it looks like the contest holder changed it on the changes tab. On one section everything’s in red and looks crossed out and then it shows something in green but when I go back to the contest page I don’t notice anything has changed.


I just open two SH windows, one with the brief and one with the submit entry page, just toggle between the windows (the entry stays on the submit window til you enter it.