Public messaging on contests


Kindly use the public messaging on contests strictly for asking questions related to that particular contest and the brief as SH intended public messaging to be.

(I have deleted a several paragraph diatribe on this subject because I realize that this does not need explanation).



And use common sense on when it is appropriate or not appropriate to ask the following:

  • Delete seen but not rated?

  • Want premium names?

  • Open to other domain extensions?

Yes, these questions and others that I’ve decided to spare listing can be essential questions. I am not in any way, shape, and/or form say ‘DO NOT’ ask these questions. Rather I am asking for all of us to have discerning capabilities of WHEN to ask these questions.

First, lets not bombard the CH with 5 million quest three minutes into the contest. Many CHs are still learning how to navigate and will probably make two or three more brief updates within the next hour or two. So let them settle a bit and ONLY ask the important questions and maybe even offer help if they seem to be a little lost or confused. But, ALWAYS do so nicely.

Second, give them time. Be patient. Just because your entries have been seen but not rated, unless it’s been several hours or more preferably a day even – don’t badger them on whether they should be deleted. Use your own discretion if you’re tied up and wanting to enter more or just be patient. A lot of people have limits, especially with the new changes and new onboarding process – so you’re not the only one in this situation. CHs often are very busy and again, still learning how to do things and figure out a game plan of approach on how to tackle these hundreds or even thousands of suggestions.

Third, we all want to sell ours and each others’ premium names. But I don’t think that even with all the information available about them, that many CHs know about and/or understand premiums as a general thing as well as to how they work within contests. So this is something we have to keep in mind. Maybe instead of just asking if they would like them, perhaps say, “Dear CH, I don’t know if you know about how premium domains work here on SH and in contests … but there are premium names that you can pay for that are more selective and choice than what we may be able to provide in suggestions that aren’t premium. We have a pretty substantial marketplace of names that we’ve all come up with over time. These names are many and sometimes hard to search for but many of us have our own premium names. We could suggest these to you as long as they match the brief, if it would be something you’re interested in, perhaps?” Or something along those lines so that way it is informative and an explanation so it doesn’t just seem like we’re trying to benefit even more and that there can be a win for us, SH, AND them if they did decide to be open to premiums. Just an idea.

Finally, please … please … please … be respectful, understanding, informative, helpful, and fair when utilizing the contest messaging board. Be respectful to the CH but to your fellow creatives as well. Try to be understanding that this may be a bit challenging for them in many regards. Be informative and provide them answers and maybe even links to our help guides. Be helpful in asking questions that not only benefit us but can help them navigate better and learn things that may help them have the best chance of success. And be fair … this should be self explanatory.



I would like to add that SH has re-enabled the ability for CHs to allow or disallow premiums from their contests. It is shown in the brief at the bottom. I have already run across one that disallowed them.

I have bit my tongue a million times already in posting this message and my “if you’re crabby and you know it” message that I wrote several weeks ago. I am, quite honestly, FED UP with things I have seen in the last several weeks and it has taken literally everything I have to not say more. You put it so well, @rareworthy, and I appreciate your positivity because I am for reals all out of positivity on this subject!!! Thank you so much for posting your thoughtful response.


Oh, and I need to say emphatically that I did not post this because of the questions about premiums! It’s far worse than anything like that! Rude, RUDE, challenging, effrontery, silly, nonsensical, left-field, unrelated, pandering is what I am talking about!!! There! I said it!


The creatives that do this do not come to this discussion forum and are unlikely to read your comments.

Hit the report button. I’ve been ignoring the stupid questions and rude comments but today I’ve started reporting them.


That’s the problem, Able. I report EVERY SINGLE ONE of them and it is not stopping. I have also written to SH about it.


The ones that really blow my mind are the ones who suggest actual names in their message, rather than submit them privately.



Guys, I was just doing the dishes after I saw one of the latest comments (I think we are ramping over the same comment) and I was brainstorming my next rant post.

“Please Take SquadHelp seriously”

These Contest holders are our clients… Every comment you write, every submission you enter… You are representing SquadHelp.

TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY. Would you say your comment to a client’s face? A new client at that.

Plus, for all you know, the CH could be the CEO of apple looking to name their next product… Would you say that to them? Even if they don’t disclose their identity, which most don’t for a reason… Think before you type, please :crying_cat_face:

Okay, rant over :blush:


I agree with everyone. @Commulinks we have seen this so many times over the last few years. I feel like at least once or twice a year we need to revisit this topic.
But the recent CH message concerning unprofessional conduct by a creatives sarcastic comment blew me away! It makes the platform as a whole look unprofessional.
Also, please look at the country the CH is from and take into account their time zones.
Maybe it’s the middle of the night or weekend where they are, hence no immediate response to your question.
If someone has already asked about “seen but not rated”, don’t ask it again. Five creatives asking the same question also looks unprofessional.


A few sanctions here and there would do the trick.If I remember correctly, asking CH to rate entries is against the policy, so saying "can we delete seen but not rated… " should be considered against the policy and warning should be issued. Badgering and challenging CH is major infraction, according to policy, and it should result in direct ban, at least for a month. Insulting CH should result in permanent ban. Few days ago I saw a comment directly challenging CH’s opinion, and I was sickened. It doesn’t matter if we agree or disagree with CH, we must stay professional. One creative (and I use this term very loosely in this case) makes us all look bad. That, in my opinion, deserves a permanent ban.


What you wrote is so much what I was thinking. Even though these are “contests” this is no game. Take SH seriously is a really great message.

@AvramChe yes, the “seen but not rated” questions continues and I surely do wish that would end. I don’t think the CHs have any idea why people would even ask that question. With so many new creatives here now, seen but not rated entries are mostly the norm. So, you just move on. I never withdraw those entries and one of the best reasons not to do that is so you can see the history of that name easily in “My entries”. If you have a name that has not been rated many times, it’s time to stop using that name because nobody wants it.

Thanks everyone for piping in. We should all follow @AbleBrands advice and report, report, report. I asked SH if the report button was even working because I never felt like there were any results from reporting. (But maybe SH just doesn’t take down the inappropriate comments). They say the button works so do it.


I don’t have a method to use the messaging service on the contest pages.


If you’ve only been here a certain amount of time and/or have not won your first one or couple of contests, you’re right. You will not be able to use the messaging features in the contest. I remember that from when I started and I remember talking about it here in the forums. It’s limiting, I know.

We’ve all been through it, though. I know it could really help to be able to ask questions and be able to talk the CH (where everyone can see it) but SH has weighed this over and over and it’s believed that it reduces issues that can arise out of leaving messages.