Public messages to CH, exact rules

Do we still have rules on what we can post to CHs in messages? For example, personal stories and kudos for great product-acceptable or not?


I was wondering about that also.There is sometimes a fine line between being nice or giving props to the CH,and saying something calculated to give a person an edge or advantage.


I think if I were a CH @hollygirl and someone said something that was obviously ‘sucking up’ I would probably feel less like awarding them the prize.

In any event, they do have real businesses behind these requests, I’m sure they really would pick the best name for them, and not be influenced by comments.


I’ve always felt that personal stories should remain personal. I am sure Larry David would agree with me on that. And the same with what I will call the ‘great idea’ messages. This isn’t an episode of Family Feud after all, where no matter what you say as an answer, the rest of the ‘family’ will clap their hands and congratulate you for the best answer in the world, while every audience member knows it’s the world’s worst answer. If one has to needlessly flatter other people, there is always a need for used car salesmen.

But there should be rules about this since we are dealing with money.


I think I would feel that way also Able, if I were a CH…but I see alot of comments that kind of lean in that direction…so I wonder if it helps their cause or hurts them. Who knows? I just believe when there is like Arnet said,money at stake…it should be as even and fair of a playing field as possible.


Maybe I’m in the minority, but those messages don’t really bother me. I mean, I see them, and yeah, I recognize them as “sucking-up”, but then I just move on. I don’t think a CH would give an advantage to someone for that. Rude or confrontational messages are the ones that I hate to see; if a CH gets mad or upset and quits looking because a creative is being unprofessional, that’s got to be more damaging than a little brown-nosing.


Good point ALDaisy…I agree with you about confrontational or rude messages. I guess the bottom line is hopefully that people can use the messaging system for what it is intended for…to politely ask legit questions to clarify the brief, or to give further enlightenment as to what the CH is seeking,and not something to further their own interests, or alienate the CH.


I find the messages annoying where someone says that what the ch asks for doesnt exist, this is usually because they cant find one.Anything more than fivel letters can be found if they are not asking for one word and a real word

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The old saying popularized by Mae West ‘Flattery will get you everywhere’ still exists because it is true.

Messages like: ‘That’s such a great idea, I am looking forward to buying that, when will it be available in Ohio?’ have no added value to the contest. The question, if you can call it that, isn’t helping to clarify anything about the brief. It’s just clutter in an already cluttered world of pop-up ads and auto-start videos.

Flattery works subconsciously because people want to feel good about themselves, their decisions. I could say something like, ‘Where did you get that blouse? Is it new? It looks so good on you.’ I could almost be your friend for life. We can all add these types of comments, the only thing guarding against this chaos is that 99% of us have decided not to. It always seems to be a 1% trying to find an advantage in almost everything these days.