Public Contests?

@Grant, a new high dollar contest just opened up, and I noticed that, instead of 'private contest", it says 'public ", Is SH now making our names visible to everyone??

@LauraE - Squadhelp does not have any public contest. We’ve been making a lot of updates to the Contest Launch process and this is just a messaging glitch. We are working on fixing it.

i noticed a ch was asking for open contests on a review site I found

What is considered an ‘open’ contest?

@Arnet Open contests are where you can see other creatives entries. SH does not have these contests like other naming sites. Basically it allows other creatives to play off your submissions. So for example, you enter “ABC Street” then another creative enters “ABC Avenue”. Before you know it, the CH has 100 entries playing off the same words. Private Contests do not allow us to see each other entries in order to protect the integrity of the submission

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Thanks LisaMac, that’s what I was thinking, but a CH asking for that is what confused me because as your example pointed out, it doesn’t benefit the CH, it only gives them 100 variations of the same name.

I was thinking maybe they meant where some websites allow anyone to submit names and get paid straight way. For instance, a small business has 20 employees and they have a new product that needs a name. They tell their employees to come to SH and enter the contest they just set up and they will select one of them as the winner. Of course, all the usual namers at SH will never know that none of their names will be considered. This used to be a problem a few years ago and it’s one reason why most websites similar to SH have a delay before a payment is sent to new namers. This is what I was thinking the CH at that review site mentioned above was wanting.

That would seem silly to me. They are your employees, you pay them. why bother to set up a contest with SH. Just call a meeting and brainstorm with your employees and offer them the $100 or a paid day off. lol just my two cents worth.
I also thought maybe they meant public as opposed to having to be eligible to enter a contest within the first 24 hours

Right, I know what you mean. Until I watched Silicon Valley on HBO, I didn’t know how prevalent silly ideas really are, especially with tech companies. A hot dog app, really? And I have seen my share of silly ideas on naming sites too. But, it’s not my place to judge, I just think of the names and wish them good luck.

Pressed reply too early.

I think the reason companies had for using a naming site for their own employees was for legal reasons. By using a site such as SH, the company had proof that the employee was compensated for their idea.

@Grant Thanks for your reply! I wondered if it was a glitch.

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