Props/ Got something nice to say?


I like Overlando by @DNFront. An excellent and contest-relevant play (Most probably) on Orlando.


Major Kudos to whoever designed the Logo for my most recently-accepted Marketplace name - I absolutely LOVE it! :heart_eyes:


Just took a look at some of the reviews almost all said the response from the SH team was terrific, and one said we were a high caliber of creatives. I agree. Also whoever did Aware We Go, genius. Perfect Match.'t+touch+this+youtube+video&qs=AS&pq=can't+touch+this+youtube&sc=7-24&cvid=8BDC15882E2848438C803217798284FD&FORM=QBRE&sp=1


Hi all…want to add to @Slogana
Wonderful reviews also KUDOS TO SH AND THE CREATIVES AS A WHOLE!! I was browsing the web just now looking for a replacement part for my car. …and was VERY PROUD TO SEE SQUAD HELP DISPLAYED ON THE SITE WITH A :star::star::star::star::star: RATING!!! BIG & BOLD way to goooooo:)!!


Props to Littodino, new on the field knocking it out of the park. Congratulations.


Yes, she is amazing, I second the congratulations!


@RajVerma I absolutely Love, Love your adorable owl logo.!!!


We would like to congratulate @InternetBrands on their recent domain sales in the Squadhelp Marketplace. Two high-value domains in two days!


Wow!!! That is excellent - great job!!


YESSSSS THAT IS SUCCESS… Congrats for the domain sale!!!


This is great to see!

I’ve been wary of putting higher value names here (only because it’s still reasonably new) but maybe it’s time to put a toe or two in the water.


Very inspiring! Congrats to the seller!! :slight_smile:


Congrats @InternetBrands! So happy for you!


@grant Were discounts given on these names?

I’m asking because I got caught out (my fault, not SHs), where I agreed to list a domain at less than the amount I suggested and then it sold at a 23% discount. Once the fees and the 10% deduction was taken I actually ended up with very slightly less than I paid for the domain. It put me off listing my better quality domains.

I’m feeling a bit braver now and I’m going to start submitting some mid-range priced domains but I’d still be interested in whether or not these sold at full price.



@AbleBrands -

These domains sold at the full listed price.

Also, for Creative Owned Domains, we are no longer offering discounts of more than $200 without the explicit approval from the Creative.


Really appreciate that @grant

Time to submit some names then! Thanks.


Whoa…I was just on YouTube and saw a SH ad, which was exciting in itself because I love to see SHs growth and success, but I was even more excited to see some familiar names and faces on there… @AbleBrands @lightless @ALDaisy1 @Meghann2012 and @putul1950 (who I can’t tag for some reason) but I saw y’all on there!!! How exciting!!! :smiley:

Here’s the link if you wanna see it


This is great! Loved seeing a bit of the backend that the CH gets.


Yes, thanks for sharing that @Chasity2ku! Just the encouragement I need right now. :slight_smile:


Awesome and congrats to creatives featured. @Chasity2ku Thanks for sharing.