Props/ Got something nice to say?


Big ups to @tallcoolone for Casadorna, that was absolutely brilliant!

And congratulations on getting your masters @rareworthy


I just wanted to say how glad I am that @rareworthy is BACK! Congrats on your degree and welcome home.


@Commulinks @AbleBrands @AlwriteyThen @LauraE @ALDaisy1 @ChristyMay and everyone else, thank you so much for all the love, it’s much appreciated from you all because I haven’t really had anyone else to tell. Which builds off of what you have said, Clinks, of welcoming me home. This is my home and I love everyone here so much and it means so much to me to get your congratulations and messages, I appreciate them. You all are so sweet, thank you so much!


Props to Hazelnut on “Rattle & Roll” - Very cute and clever name!!! :sunglasses:


Super impressed by @GemGal64 with FriskyWhiskers. Absolutely love that! Well done.


I’d just like to say it is so inspiring to look at all the new names going live on the marketplace! Amazing to see all the creativity represented on this platform. I don’t know much about domain marketplaces, but surely ours is one of the prettiest! :slight_smile:


Shout out to @geniuswaitress for WinFluentials and @ tkpro72 CircDuSoiree, both wicked clever!!


Kudos to Word Slinger for “Lightbulb Publishing” - Based on the Brief, the subtle nuance in that name is brilliant!!! :sunglasses:


Kadmon also knocked it out of the park with "Good Buy Wednesday!!! :clap:


Hi AB! I just now saw this, not sure why I didn’t see it before… anywho, THANK YOU for the compliment:)


I love “Good Buy Wednesday” too


Another amazing logo by designer, MPINC - Bravo! :clap:


Thanks to @AvramChe and all the other Creatives who are quick to speak up when they see entries being revealed in CH comments or similar situations. It’s nice when we look out for each other. :slight_smile:


Big ups to @grant and the team with regard to the contest briefs lately. We will always have some that we just can’t get our heads around but I’ve noticed an improvement in the amount of information CHs are providing lately and this is really helping us to help them.

Thanks guys!


I don’t know if I’ve ever won one of these (can’t remember) but I just wanted to say how much I love working on SH cobranding projects. Kudos to the SH team. You make it fun and engaging.


New format for multiple product names is a HUGE improvement. Also, one contests holder chose names she like from past contests I never saw. I knew you guys were good but wow…amazing namers. I can’t even hold a candle to some of you. I always knew we were good, but now I can honestly say, why would anyone go anywhere else for a name. There were too many for me to give props.


Kudos to Slogana for the tag: “Get Ahead of the Pack” for the packing operator business - Very, very clever!!!. :sunglasses:


Thanks so much Alrighty, that one came after a bunch of meh ones, and I kind of needed the boost today so thanks, I logged on to give kudos for Barn This Way (Tristine I think) which I honestly couldn’t imagine being so brilliant.


Thank you! This community is so great… supportive and fun! I’m glad I decided to give it a go!


You know what a really cool name is? Millionaire Mindset by @miyvex58 . Catchy and fun!