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@Petronius’ logo for Molly Grubb is gorgeous. Looks like a modern twist on something from the palace of Versailles.


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@Petronius’ logo for Molly Grubb is gorgeous[/quote]
I agree, GW - It’s absolutely beautiful, and it should have gone for at least $300 (IMHO) :wink:


Thank youuuuuuu @Commulinks :grin:


Auricle and FurPetSake Great names


GeniusWaitress knocked it outta the ballpark (again) with Edison’s Table - LURVE it!!! :sunglasses:


They don’t call her genius for nothing! LOL! Great job GW!


I love the name Molly Grub!


cool beans Christy, too clever


Props to whoever is making the marketplace logos, some super creative, super cool work in there. Mad respect for the thinking that goes behind that, and the vision and I cant wait to get one!


OMG - HeadGames nailed it with RehabilEstate - Such a cool and clever wordplay - Lurve it!!! :heart_eyes:


Thanks, guys! I’ve been struggling here lately, so I had to dig deep.


I LOVE the name RehabiliEstate too. Very clever HeadGames!!!


I’ve been checking our logo people and I’m super impressed - the vision is just something I respect. I have to say the logo for Peach and Pea, you smile just looking at it, I thought the one for the vr company rocked too there were others but I can remember them. On the domain side, there are so many that I just love, there’s one with an airplane I thought was just brilliant. Great Job.


And She Lived Happily Better After, awesome tag beautiful picture


Congrats @Mevina on your first win! :sunglasses:


I just looked at SH’s facebook page. I love how SH promotes some of the creatives and great names that have come out of SH. Thanks you guys, it’s sweet.


xo Lisa Mac, connecting with people is often unknown, I once had a man say one sentence to me, to this day I pull on it, haven’t seen him in thirty years. He may have had more than you know. Best wishes.


Just wanted to mention, CH attitudes are everything. Had a really nice response from one today that was super encouraging. Even if my entry isn’t the one eventually chosen, I’m happy to have worked with such a nice person. :blush: Makes me want to work a little harder, lol.


So true, Daisy… and the opposite is also true. Everyone is more motivated by positive responses.


I didn’t know we get reasons for ID rejections now. I find it helpful, thank you.