Props/ Got something nice to say?


great names rumple and clinks


Thank you Slogana!..


Congratz Marye5!!! - A $500 win - That’s HUGE, Girlfriend. :sunglasses:


Thanks…I am still in shock mode…I really was blown away!!! Best Valentine EVERRRRRRR!!!


I lIke a lot of the logos


@sobeadit Beady…you just came back after a long break and already have a big win!!! Nice!!


Thank you! Yeah that was a funny one. I only submitted two names! Just waiting on the camping one…I submitted a ton for that one but he really changed what he likes from the beginning to the end of the contest so who knows! Fun to start with a big win! :slight_smile:


@tkpro72 Cerebelly awesome and clever name!!


Thanks Vegangirl :slight_smile:


@tkpro72. Cerebelly!!! I love it. It’s one of my favs so far. Perfect name.


Thank you LisaMac. :smile_cat:


Relics & Rivals…love this one.


@Slogana. Thank you! I’ve been waiting for a contest that it would be appropriate for.


You nailed it brilliant


Poet and Tristine…really great names congrats


Serious Props to SH and all the creatives, just checked out our explore names feature. We look amazing, professional, top quality names and photos, logos ect. How can you not be proud to be associated with this? tapidy tap tap, can I have a pretty picture too :p?


Thank you! How exciting… this is the first time I’ve ever been mentioned in this thread! So thank you twice!!


Props to ChristyMay!! - Her LetLoos name for the Portable Toilets made me (literally) LOL :smile:


Awww…thanks @AlwriteyThen that means a lot to me…and SO glad it made you Laugh, that was a fun contest :slight_smile:


Hey @fxpreneur, I truly love Cybersify! Great one!