Props/ Got something nice to say?


Hey…good to see you back Tulsa Kim…and with a win no less. Welcome back!


I am so glad for you on both counts and honestly, with everything that you were going through super kudos, impressive


@Marye5 Mary, That tag for the ammo game couldn’t have been anymore perfect. Nice job!!


Awe Thanks Jackie…I had so much fun with that contest!!! I was so excited when I got the🏆my 17 yro had to tell me to calm down lol…I did forget we were in public haha! Still thrilled!!


I thought the same thing! It’s great when now and then the perfect name or tagline comes through. Congrats Marye5!


Thanks Holly,appreciate the :+1:…means alot!


I got a percentile rating for my birthday- next goal tier A not sure how I will get 85 percent rating though


I didnt notice but I actually am tier A , however I dont have immediate access , I have to wait 6 hours .I thought being tier A would help with that.


TK I think Aiva is perfect, a beautiful name of a person twisted in Ava, Kudos my friend!


You beat me to the punch,Seez! I came on here to congratulate TK too. Just shows you how you can feel discouraged and things can turn on a dime! Congrats,TK! Clever name…


Thanks Seezall, I probably just got lucky and entered it first, but either way I’ll gladly take it. Its the first win I’ve had in a VERY long time. I’m sure yours is coming soon too if it hasn’t already. :slight_smile:


Thank you Hollygirl. I had almost forgotten how good it feels to win something. I really appreciate the support.


Brand Spanking You…brilliant. Forigveme for not posting creatives name…its late.


Congratz to Seezall - Brilliant name! - Hope this win pulls you outta the “Feeling Discouraged” rut. :wink:


Thanks, been awhile, few more and I will feel caught up)


Big congrats Seezall! I knew a win was coming your way. Very nice name by the way :relaxed:


Congrats Seez…didn’t recognize the new pic. And a clever name!!!


Seezal Win made me smile. the person who came up with LA-LA Lend…Brilliant!


Thank you Slogana Jackie and Tk


Congrats @seezall . Love the name…I knew it wouldn’t be long…fingers crossed.