Props/ Got something nice to say?


Thanks Holly, that one came easy, but oy, the rest! Your names and some of the others blow me away. I look at some of the names and think “out of my league”, “gotta up my game”, I would have NEVER come up with that, Very Cool to get a prop.


Seezal you are like the Howard Cossell of Squadhelp…yeah I know aging myself. Totally enjoy the upbeat energy you bring here. I think you should be the Mayer.


To the Graphics people out there…just wow. Forgive me for not checking you out sooner. When I get a pittance together, so getting you guys to work on something for me (don’t hold breath)…While I like to call myself a creative…no comparison. Wish I had your vision and talent.


I tried but got impeached, I used to have a lot of fun here and did really enjoy my little skits, was definitely a different atmosphere a few years back, i remain optimistic


[quote=“seezall, post:1120, topic:211”]
…I remain optimistic[/quote]
Hang in there, Mr. Mayor - It’s a new year, full of new hope, new optimism, and new $$$$ :wink:


Mr Mayor- You made the forum fun, Seez! I loved what you did with this topic, the encouragement, help and the other crazy stuff you gave over the years. Don’t give up! As Alwritey said, a new year and a new hope!


ok couldnt resist love ya gang! maybe just maybe



Love the strutting cat!!


Yes Mr Mayor, you have always been so kind and encouraging to everyone. I keep hoping it will turn around soon for you , me , and many others of us who have been here for years . We clearly love Squad , we want Squad to love us back,lol


@Abeley06 Not sure if she comes to chat, but the logo you made for my win “Heart, Body & Soap” is absolutely beautiful!!! So cool to see a logo with the name


what a great name lorinsm, very creative


Congratz to Chocolate for nailing that $400 Project - Out of over 2,500 entries - Yours was the only one shortlisted - :sunglasses:


@writlarge genius name! “Palabracadabra” really made me smile with the cleverness of it! Well done!


Congrats to Joenameit…who in the most recent contest he won had ALL 15 shortlistings in the contest! Wow! Impressive.


And what an Awesome name too @JoeNameit…Love it!!!


Bravo to @JoeNameit! Great name!


remind me not to compete with him lol, that is awesome, imagine knowing you had it in the bag instead of sadly thinking you did then losing ;p


@JoeNameIt Me, My Chef & I is one of those names that makes me realize I’m not nearly as clever as I think I am. I bow to you.


I know, I love it. Probably one of my favorite names to this date.