Props/ Got something nice to say?


Thank you @ScoutFinch! :smiley:


Slogana…what a clever and IncrEdible name! Congrats!


@rareworthy you reminded me of Rumi with that beautiful tagline.


Thank you! That contest really inspired me, I had a few for that contest like that.


@Vivegoodkarma I love your latest winner, never thought about incorporating womb in the name. Very bright! :sparkles:


THANK YOU :slight_smile: LOL I actually took 1/2 hour of sitting in quiet and letting my mind think and It led me to WOOMZY. I had to think where a baby is the most comfortable before it enters a WHOLE NEW WORLD from what it was used to being in for 9 months


@Mr_Ank --so inspiring seeing that name come to life with such a gorgeous logo. WOW! :bouquet:


Props to a11Designs for the “BaBeeHive” logo -Soooo cute! :sunglasses:


Agree! My BabeeHive looks wonderful :blush: thanks a11Designs :cherry_blossom:


Congrats and BIG Props to putul1950 for designing the gorgeous Logo for my winning name: I Dine at Home!!! :sunglasses:


I wanted to say congratulations on name, Oursiders. I have a deep connection to the purpose of that app and ended up having a sort of a PTSD meltdown over participating in the contest (one never knows what is going to trigger something). Your name, from the perspective of a the “mom described in that brief”… is so perfect and memorable. Thank you so much for that…it really warmed my heart - obviously deeply.


I agree. Wish this app were around when my son was young. My only wish is that he would have one real friend, one person other than me to connect with. Sadly it never happened for us, but how I would have appreciated this app.
Congrats @imaginnovations…the name is simply “PERFECT”


When I saw that contest, I immediately thought of you and @LisaMac. Lots of hugs and loves to the both of you


:clap: Applause, applause to Rocky O for the amazing logo that represents another one of my names (Norstrada) - It’s just sooo darn cool to see my name “up in lights” so to speak - Great job, Rocky! :sunglasses:


Thanks so much, Laura. So sweet of you.


Oh wow, Alwritey, you are so right. Awesome logo for a really fantastic name. Kudos to both of you!


Thanks Laura <>>


Rocky does some really amazing logos


Congratz to MPINC! - That’s a really cool logo for Maid by Moms. :sunglasses:


The logo made for SipHug is so cute. Nice work @Kingzerek