Props/ Got something nice to say?


How awesome is this site? I only joined a few days ago, and I’m already addicted to seeing green faces. Hope to prove my chops amidst what seems to be a great group of ultra-creative folks.

Seriously, thank you for existing.


Welcome to SH @geniuswaitress!!! So glad you are already seeing green faces, too!


Congratz and a Shout-Out to TC8888!!! - Clever name: 412 Marketing (using the Pittsburgh area code was brilliant) :sunglasses:


I agree! At first I didn’t get the connection…but then it dawned on me it must be the area code…so I looked it up.Very clever! I love names that are not your run of the mill entries…but show imagination and ingenuity. Good job!


Vanja Petrovic I LOVE your latest winner!


…aaaand I did it! Can’t believe it’s for something sports related.

I love the way this site is set up to encourage client feedback. The ratings and updates make it so much easier to hone in on what they’re looking for.


Congrats to you! Yes, SH is really a superior platform!


Although I can’t comment on all of the great names, when one makes me smile or (literally) laugh out loud, I have to give the Creative props…

So, with that said: BIG props to abmck for Going With the Flow for the plumbing company tagline. :smile:


“Dollar Back Girl” is what made me realize what I’m up against. So perfect.


I liked that as well!


Shout out to Randr for “CarbSmart Potatoes”…those potato contests are really challenging!


miyvex58…congrats on cracking the code for the Catchy name contest and getting that awesome payoff! Your name was “Trulux” for them! :0)


A tad bit late :stuck_out_tongue:but thank you very much for the props. Just happened to see this while surfing around. Cheers.


Thank you @auntshommy I appreciate. Cheers. Love the pun btw!


I’d like to say something nice about the SH team and Dan. You are all amazing and appreciated!


I’m resurrecting this topic to give a shout out to @PearlCreative and @perfectlycromulent - two creatives who are super consistent and whose names I admire. We never hear from you over here in the forum but I wanted you to know that people notice you.


not names i would have thought of but each to their own …im wondering where people like amanda white went or naynay, kreativkim


@CRen Hey! I wanted to tell you how much I loved your name LubDubKnowledge! Super fun and memorable name! Good for you!


Hey Marye5
I love your naming style :purple_heart: it’s really awesome​:wave::wave:even if no one else gets it :+1:…lol. Thanks I needed a boost in confidence :wink::wink:


How about this @Marye5? You’re awesome!! :clap: :clap: And you and I can be peas in a pod because no one else gets mine either. But once I explain to CHs they frequently say they love the thought process. Btw, since you have a style no one else gets (and for anyone else that feels the same), might I recommend doing a google image search (trust me on this) for ‘beautiful words’ and you’ll see all these words described in text and pictures throughout different languages (some words that don’t even have english translations) they’re interesting during downtime to expand upon knowledge and vocabulary.


Although some of these words remind me of some of the talent here on SH too and how interesting some of the names and words can be sometimes.