Props/ Got something nice to say?


I know just what you mean! It is such a great name an it made me grin ear to ear. I had some names like that… and look forward to having more in the future. Sometimes I don’t get why CHs don’t love some of my babies as much as I do. LOL… Anyway, congrats on Bonnie and Chive. It was awesome. I’m such a fan.


I know, right? :laughing:


@AlwriteyThen Great Name! I am also a big fan of Bonnie and Chive. Congrats.


Props to AuntShommy for RoadeOh - Soooo cute and clever!!! :sunglasses:


@RockyOrpinada s a logo genius and I hate to compete against him because he always wins! I hope one day he can share some tips! :laughing:


Thanks @Dansma. I guess i just so lucky :coffee:


Thank you, Miss Esteemed author of Bonnie and Chive! That is just brilliant!


Huge Congratz to LorinEggshells on your Potato Project winning name: Big A-Peel

Lurve, lurve LURVE that name!!! :sunglasses:


Thank you ma’am! That was a lot of fun to work on xo


Lori, I love the name! Clever, Clever!


Wow! I hadn’t seen that one yet!!! @LorinsEggshells that is just so fun!!! Lub it!


Ty ma’am, I really liked that one <3


I have not seen that one either but very clever indeed. Congrats on your win @LorinsEggshells


I haven’t seen it yet either, but @LorinsEggshells…that is just PERFECT!!!


@LauraE …I also want to say…I LOVED your Blisscotti…that was brilliant!!


Thank you so much, Jackie! I appreciate that very much! I"m a big fan of names by Jackie. They are always so well thought out! I remember Cuisine on Scene and Forte Funding. Love them!


Wow Lorin’s Eggshells! I haven’t seen your winner posted, either, and that is a spudtacular name! Congrats!


I just wanted to say how I appreciate how kind and complimentary you are on the forums to all,Alrighty. It is so nice! I just got my messaging restored…so forgive me for not being able to thank you for nice things you have said in the past about some of my names. I wanted to, but didn’t have the ability…so please accept my thanks a little tardy! :0)


No worries, Holly - :kissing_heart:

Oh, and Welcome Back! :wink:


Thanks! I just realized my typing was ahead of my brain…I meant Alwritey,not Alrighty! lol!