Props/ Got something nice to say?


Sometimes when I go to submit a really obscure entry and it’s listed as “already submitted into this contest” I cant wrap my head around how it’s even possible that someone thought up the same exact totally random entry.

Then I find myself wanting that entry to win. Because then I can find out who my SH doppleganger is.

If we were at Hogwarts I’m pretty sure we’d have wands made with feathers from the same phoenix.


Kral, that was a really clever winner! At first I didn’t realize the number was three words, but well done!


Indeed! I thought 925 was for the number always stamped on Sterling Silver!


Congratz to Trend Bucker on a really cool name that’s a perfect fit according to the Brief… :sunglasses:

Of course, I had to look up the word Caduceus because I’d never heard of it before - :smile:


Congratz to Aunt Shommy!!! - Lurve the name: Intalentgent Recruiting :sunglasses:


Thank you, my intalentgent and brilliantly clever fellow creative! :relaxed: :heart_eyes:


@Dan @RachelSH and the whole SH team:
Look what you’ve done!!!
I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to the whole SH team. The changes/additions/incentives you have recently made/started have vastly improved CH interaction and also just the whole feeling of engagement and appreciation here. I was so thrilled to see a CH today who raved about her new name in public and thanked the contestant (not me!) who created her name. Others have just been so very interactive with us, too.

These changes make me more enthused and I feel less like a ghost in a machine. They make SH even more addictive, fun, exciting and gratifying. Turns out, people really do love the “social” aspect of this whole process and it is great.

Thank you for your hard work! It is definitely paying off.


PS: Love the newest heart button!


Big SHOUT-OUT to VeganGirl on her slogan for NuLeaf Homes - I lurve it! :sunglasses:


@tkpro72…Buyonic was absolutely perfect!! Awesome name!!


I agree with Jackie! (who knows quality names when she sees them!) It is wonderful to see a name of that quality being recognized and rewarded by a CH. I hope it gets 50 likes!
And Seezall…how ingenious of you to stick Grit in your winning name…I wonder who else noticed! Warms my heart :heart_eyes:


Big Props to HollyGirl on Ramped Streetwear - She followed the brief and totally nailed that one! :sunglasses:


I don’t know if @Tshombe is ever on here, but Polish MI Pretty is fantastic!! I love how you got 1001 in there.


To Tshombe from Shommy:
I AGREE with Hlge! That is truly one of my favorite names ever on Squadhelp.
Sheer brilliance.
You Nailed It.


(Pun intended, Aunty?) :wink:


Congrats and BIG Props to JackieH and NashVegasNative for giving the Clients exactly what they were asking for in their Briefs. :sunglasses:


Thanks Alwritey!! I also agree with congrats @NashVegas …perfect, exactly what the CH wanted!!


Big Shout Out to HollyGirl for her name: WoofgangPet - It’s cute and clever, and it made me smile. :smile:


Hey @AlwriteyThen, had to tell you I got such a smile from Bonnie&Chive!!!


Gotta tell ya, Clinks, it was one of my favorite names…It was kinda like giving one of my “Babies” away. :smile: