Props/ Got something nice to say?


I agree with Alwritey.Great name! I like it when those hardworking brain cells of ours are sometimes able to come up with the perfect name, and the CH sees it too. Congrats!


@EFBurns …Kudos to you…AlphaMail is awesome and fits so well!!


Thank you! I am seriously honored to receive a compliment from an amazing namer like you!


Yes…I agree! Very clever. Always glad to see well thought out names that are a great play on words!


I loved it too, EF!! Just love names like that! :grinning:


@rareworthy Congrats on your first BIG win!!! YAY!!! I was super happy to see that!!! :smiley:


Yes…Congrats @rareworthy GREAT win with a GREAT name :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


@ChristyMay @Chasity2ku Thank you both so much!!! I was not expecting that one at all! I was actually losing a bit (okay maybe more than a bit) of hope. That entry was just a whim, I didn’t think it would do anything and it was the only one I entered for the contest. I couldn’t help but see the anagram that was created by all the words the CH listed, I think all but two of the words were used in my anagram. Looking at the name, it seems so simple but it literally was almost all of the words the CH had used that they were ‘looking for’ and it did take a long time to ‘see it’. I sat there for an hour or more toying with things and upon reading the brief for the hundredth time I was looking at the words and in this just quick glance I saw the first letters of the words/meanings they wanted to convey and I saw the word. And given the scope of the business I thought about it for a bit and realized it fit for many reasons and just decided to throw my hands up and submit it. After all that I gave up on trying to come up with anything else.

I logged in today and hit the floor, quite literally. As I have said a few times now, though, I wouldn’t be here had I given up, and I definitely would have given up if all of you weren’t so talented and so inspiring and encouraging. So, I definitely say thank you to you both and all of the talented creatives here that do inspire and come together for motivation and encouragement. I know I have it in me, I have done this for years just for fun for people and never even knowing I could get something out of it, but being here among you all – one can really second guess themselves. You all have an amass of talent and skills that cannot really be summed up in words; the profiles I have seen for some of you and all of your submissions are equally as intimidating as they are motivating. So I definitely appreciate the kind words and thoughts, especially coming from you two, and the others that have given it. Thank you so much!

Please, for all of you thinking of throwing in the towel, use my win as a little bit of motivation, because it took me awhile to get here but I finally did, so it stands as example that if you keep at it – even on a whim – you’ll get it, even unexpectedly.

:grinning: :heart_eyes: :kissing_heart: :gift_heart: :beers:


Double Congrats, @rareworthy !


So very awesome for you, @rareworthy!!! That one was tough!


Congratz on a HUGE first win!!! :sunglasses:


@LauraE @Commulinks @AlwriteyThen Thank you all so much, I love you guys, everyone, you’re too sweet! :blush: :revolving_hearts:


Love, love, LOVE the name Money Trance - Brilliant, Seezall, brilliant! :sunglasses:


Yes! Great name for that business! Congrats @seezall and do our logo makers rock! @RockyOrpinada and @Damian’s work is wonderful!


It’s growing on me too-LOL


Thanks @LauraE
Thanks @LauraE


@seezall I subbed a very similar name to yours and when I saw your name win and your name next to it I thought I had subbed what you did… but I hadn’t. Yours was BETTER but mine was along the same lines. Congrats to you! Sometimes it is so funny to see a winning name and say, hey! Great minds think alike!


You’re very welcome @RockyOrpinada! I"m a big fan of your work.


Agreed! money trance is brilliant. my hypnobillionaire entry was too ambitious. lol I amuse myself on here.


It’s funny…but I submitted a very similar name too,and had to check that i hadn’t submitted that name and deleted it.I think you are right that often we all share the same thought waves!