Props/ Got something nice to say?


Jackie Heraty, did I have a chance to tell you how great your winner was? :blush:


Hi fellow creatives and sh admins…just a note to say hi and I am not out of the game. .Just some changes in my internet services. Keep up the good work and I will catch up later. …Tootles :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Why are you so smart seriously? :smiley:


Awww look at those positive vibes over here… superlikes! Squadhelp really helps me to increase my vocabulary :smiley: … since i am not a native english speaker hehe.


Where are you from @fxpreneur?


I am from Indonesia :smiley:


Wow, we have people from all over the globe here! USA, Canada, Sweden, South America, Greece, Philippines, India, and now Indonesia ( and I’m sure there are a lot more places.)


This brilliant creative is just wiping it up! Naked buns and diapers all in the same month! Way (and whey) to go Alwritey!!! :smile:


Yes, she’s all about the buns (naked, or with diapers on them)

Congrats Alwritey!!


ROFLMBO = Rolling on the Floor, Laughing My BUNS Off :smile:


OMGOMG!!! Fabulous win, fabulous name! I’m GREEN with envy!!! :grinning:


I agree with Auntshommy. @OMGOMG - that is an awesome name… Love it!!!


Congratz Aunt Shommy on a perfect name!!! :sunglasses:


Love love this name. <3


I agree, AuntShommy very very clever they way you worked in the SEL …bravo!!!


Thanks to everyone! Just checking in now after being offline for awhile…the appreciation and praise of your (talented!!!) peers is the best and most humbling ever! I think a lot of people knew from my bio or old bio that I work in education, so the win is that much sweeter…Hope everyone’s having a great Halloween!


Thanks Alwritey!!! :blush:


Thank you, Scout! I’m guessing you’re a To Kill a Mockingbird fan?!


THANK YOU Jackie Hermajesty!!! :blush:


Congratz to Galesburg71 on another PERFECT name (Helix) :sunglasses: