Props/ Got something nice to say?


Congratulations on your win, @BrendaGravermoen !!! See! You can do it!


Congratulations @Seezal! You make it look easy (but we all know it’s not)

Back from a much-needed vacation and wowed by all the winning names since I’ve been gone!


Congrats!! As I have said before, I’m a fan of Names by Gina :sunny:

And congratulations to everyone else too!


Thank you Laura, that was so nice to see!


Did “I” win??? Noo???, Who did??? Ohhh. Welcome to the Winners Circle Brenda Gravermoen. And congrats to you Frau "Writey, on winning once in a “Blau Moon.”


@Dan…who won the toiletry contest, winning entry is blank, winner name is blank??? And if you click in it, it shows closed but not awarded??


LOL - You have a point there, my Friend. :laughing:


Thank you! :smiley: But I think we’re all winners! It’s just getting the CHs to agree with me!


Congratz, TKPro - Very cool name! :sunglasses:


Congrats @jackieheraty! “Four Walls” is all I need to stay warm and cozy! Great name!


Thanks @BrendaGravermoen …I just threw it at the “wall” and it stuck!


Congratulations @jackieheraty! Naming is your ‘forte’

And to you too @AlwriteyThen !!!


@AmandaWhite, good name, Amanda. Flows very well…

Once again, you amaze us, @tkpro72, that name was clever!

And congratulations to all of the newest batch of winners!


Thanks LauraE! 20 char


AlwriteyThen, I am just ketch(ing)up and relishing sending you SuperSize Congratulations! Hope many cool wins sprout from this! :grinning:


LOL - You just made my day, Aunty - :kiss:


LURVE the name, Jackie - Brilliant! :sunglasses:


Oh Thank you Writey!!! I had fun with that one!


@jackieheraty, You and @AlwriteyThen make me look like an amateur. Stop that :smile:

Brilliant names, the both of you!



Your Name for the Woman’s fashion talk show was brilliant. Congratulations!