Props/ Got something nice to say?


Congratulations @jackieheraty …You’re on fire :slight_smile:


Thanks @ChristyMay …Wasn’t expecting that last one. @BrendaGravermoen, you are funny!!


Want to Thank You @seezall for starting this thread, I really enjoy coming here and went all the way back to the start…and there you were :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Thank You for the Props about the props thread, ))))That was my hope when I started the thread, Its nice to hear your peers appreciation of a winning name, or in general something good and positive) we all go through the same trials and tribulations at some point in our SH careers so a little “way to go’s” and “Hang in there’s” as well as Thank You’s always Help) So Thank You all who have participated here making this the largest thread, which speaks Volumes) Cheers and Happy Naming)


It’s my weekiversary! I’m doing okay with it so far, I think. Wish I had known about this place a long time ago! Though, if I had, I’d probably be homeless because I find myself wanting to do this over working! I want to say congrats to all the winners; past, present, and future. I do want to ask, what’s your secret? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you are already getting that many like it and love its…you don’t need any help! :0) They are hard to come by anymore. You will hit a win soon.Good luck!


Great group of winners this morning! Nice job, guys!


Gotta say, Brenda, you really make me smile - Never heard the term “Weekiversary” before :smile:


:blush: Gotta props me somehow! All those “nope, nu uhs, no way, you’re outta your minds” can drive a woman to commit unseen acts of, well, unseemly behavior toward her computer. My computer and I have a love/hate relationship at this point.


@auntshommy, I hope that Jose is included in that great group of winners. It’s nice to “hear” from him, since that may be the only way that we can?? :astonished:


@Naminnie Absolutely PERFECT name for med dosage product!! Nice job!


Congrats @seezall…I just noticed that you hit your 30th win!!! A milestone mentioning. Yahoo!


Big Congratulations @seezall !!! Yahoo Yippee :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: thank you for mentioning this @jackieheraty !!!


Thank You ladies,) I like to play this game, , when i have X dollars my goal is to always get it to the next 1/2 grand mark, i need 207 for that currently) and when i do that, I then try to make the next bench mark in wins by 5’s) which would be @ 32 then, Keeps me motivated,


Congrats on your first win @BrendaGravermoen!!! :smiley: I like the name too!!


OMG OMG OMG OMG! I won! :open_mouth: I can’t believe it! Been so busy with my other jobs, that I’d set this aside for a few days. And it’s the end of my 2nd week! I didn’t expect to win :hushed: . YAY! :smiley:

And thank you, @Chasity2ku!!!


Thank you so much!! I am still in shock at my winnings! I never knew I had a knack for this. It’s so much fun! :smile:


Congratz on your 1st win - High-Fives Brenda :sunglasses:


Nice one Gina, Not sure its my fav, but i am oddly drawn to it and say it over and over again, has something catchy to it)))


Thank you for the message, sometimes the “Hail Mary Pass” squeaks its way in. P.S. I’m still on 2 entry lock down so I really appreciate this win!!