Props/ Got something nice to say?


Props to NayNay with what I think is a fitting name, congrats also to Tammy with 2 recent wins


Congrats NayNay and thank you Seezall.


I really love this name. To Jose’s point, the wheel barrow connotation (carrying stuff off in a wheel barrow) is why it works for nonwheeled borrowed items – plus, it feels very casual/neighborly. Oooh, I love it when SH picks a true winner!


It is a name with many layers (Intended or not). It also sounds like “We’ll borrow”.


Knowing naynay’s names and record, I’m sure the layers were intentional. :grinning:


Congrats Tippi on an excellent name way to be able to use the CH’s name in there. Very clever :smile:


I didn’t get the “We’ll Borrow” part until later…that makes it even better!


I’d also like to congratulate McBubu who consistently comes up with amazing logos! :grinning:


The art of naming and name appreciation is deceptively simple yet so deep.


lots of fantastic spot on names congrats Auntshommy, Benson Tammy and Jackie, every name is right in line with the brief


Thanks Seez and I would say the same for your winners! :smile:


Annie Don’t you have a vacation to take ? LOL Way to stay on fire Nice work !!


Congrats To skevens on your first and not last win


Thanks mate, tough competition around here, so it could be my last lol


Congrats Oxman On your first win, Knew you would break through soon once again congrats


So many fantastic names way to go all recent winners Jackie, Jose, Aned (woohoo 1st win) KelKat On fire (4th win) this month sobeadit front with 2 close together, and beatnikette for taking down the house contest! and Dongee who got hungry for a win .


You guys are making me work congrats emm on back to back win 1 and 2, Kral stuck a fork in it, Lucky provided the Hive for Dongees stinger of a name. Kelkat already have your name copy and pastable that is number 5 correct? JackieH stays on a rolling with number 3, and Skevens who came into the game firing. secures his second win/.Jose stays in the box and gets his second win and alwrite alwrite alwritey Then gets on the board with a few days left)


Congrats All on your first wins Mrsd, Jcaceras a big 150 :smile: Hacking Hearts and lucky lu too. Scop Is a Czar star and gets his second overall win . Kral pulls in a second for this month. The not so hapless Katherine Happle gets one in before the end of the month, as well as I who eeked a win in before the months End
Logoists always amazed by your work Rocky and Artsamurai


I want to thank Squadhelp and the team behind it for giving me an outlet for my creativity and a nice stream of income for many years now, and their efforts to make the system and the website better for all involved. Please don’t let my complaints/whining/rants give you the impression that I don’t appreciate y’all. :smile:


I feel the same way as Lightless (Just with fewer years and fewer wins!) It’s rare to see a website of any kind, and definitely not just naming sites, go through this kind of effort to improve itself, and engage the contestants for their input. I am honored to be part of the “Consolidated Suggestions” process, and hope we can collectively keep working toward excellence in our naming, along with creating a great experience for CHs while expecting their collaboration and integrity. P.S. I’m a teacher in “real life,” so it’s sort of in my DNA to educate and boost performance! :wink: