Props/ Got something nice to say? (Cont'd)



And to piggyback on this comment - Would someone please refresh my memory…

If one of my Marketplace Names is submitted to a project and it wins, will I be compensated for it as well? :thinking:


@AlwriteyThen Only if the CH purchases the name from the marketplace, if I understand correctly.


If thats the case…then why would a creative want someone else to submit their name? If they potentially might not make money if the CH doesn’t buy it…plus then their name can’t be used anymore since it won…what is the benefit to the creative whose name it is?


Holly, in this situation, the creative can keep the name in the marketplace and, yes we can submit them if they won.


I like Pawristocrat from Kasinsky! Really great blend name!


Thanks for the flattering review, Egoriy! :slight_smile:


Kudos to Gina… Her winning name, Pure Wrapture, was pure genius!!! :sunglasses:


Love the name “Sewmadic” by @JenniCrush. Well done! :grinning:


I like ‘Whiskers & Willoughby’ by annoLoc. Good work with words!


@Edukar Thank you so much!


For SH - I’m liking that lightbulb at top with “User Information” at the ready. A very handy time saver. Thanks Squadhelp!


@Nick CONGRATS on your sale!!!


@Commulinks Which sale are we talking about?


Maybe I have the wrong Nick? Marketplace sale… starts with A


In order not to play a guessing game, it would be easier to make a page of the last sold domains indicating to whom the domain belonged before. If we congratulate the winners of the contests, it would like to be able to congratulate the domainers too. For to sell a beautiful domain is to win another victory.


I hope also theres option for those sellers if they want to disclose information or not.


The end of 2019 revealed some excellent winners. The two I think are exceptional are from @vuriko (for the post-natal website) and from @MitchR (for the burials in outer space (!). Here’s to more of this quality in 2020!


@LynnParks I really love your logo for Birch & Berry - so classic and beautiful


Agree, that is a really nice Logo.


Thank you so much @Commulinks and @Shanna, you ladies are so sweet and I truly appreciate it! :hugs: