Props/ Got something nice to say? (Cont'd)


As a newish SH creative (and a Canadian), I recently entered the contest for a name for a new Canadian pharmacy chain. I didn’t win but I thought the winning entry by @Commulinks, which was TruwellPharmacy dot com really brilliantly captured what the CH was looking for.


Thank you so much @canswift! I really appreciate the kudos! I am an American French Canadian so maybe that is a little solace. :wink:


Solace indeed! And I can’t wait to see what the CH does with it. I am following up on all contests I enter as I want to get a better feel for what CHs are selecting as winners. I just noticed a recent winning name by @DNFront for a Life Coaching business, which was InnerAce dot com. Another “Wow!” to this one, and I think the CH got amazing value for their $100 contest!


I imagine that was a marketplace name! @DNFront is a fantastic domainer!


Nope! This was a new registration as of only a couple of weeks ago. So for everyone saying “All the good names are gone…”, take heed of names of this quality still being available!


I just wanted to stop by and say that I miss Janice behind the blue button. I am told she is still there but working on other things at SH now. I am so happy for her, whatever that means.

EVERYONE behind the blue button is GREAT! Welcome to all of the newest people, too.


Bravo @Christine for “A New Leash On Life” for rescue dog owners. Absolutely Perfect!


Could not agree more with @jackieheraty. Congrats to@Christine. Love “A New Leash On Life”.


The winning entry ‘Xtrow’ by @Edukar was fantastic and on target. Great going!


Thank you very much, to be honest, this entry was inspired by my favorite horror movie Xtro (1982). I recommend for viewing, I really liked it in childhood. This is a bright, art house nightmare for all times. Xtrow is also play of words extra & escrow.


I had wondered where Janice was.She has been such a big help and great part of SH all these years…I’m glad she is still around,although missed!


HUGE Kudos to Bern for naming that Hard Sparkling Water: HARDly Water - Brilliant, my Friend, absolutely, Brilliant!!! :sunglasses:


Thank you for the encouraging words @Commulinks! :wink:
And unfortunately it wasn’t a marketplace name.


Thanks, SH, for adding a link to our public marketplace portfolio in the dashboard! I really appreciate that!


Thank you to all creatives who have submitted my marketplace names to contests. You probably don’t know they are mine, but I still appreciate it!


This is out of topic but I have something nice to say. My family and I are moving to the beautiful State of Virginia. :heart:
Haven’t been participating to contests lately but I will be back soon. Happy weekend y’all! :blush:


Good luck in your new city! See you back soon.


Welcome to Virginia, “Neighbor” - You’re gonna love it here! :sunglasses:


@AlwriteyThen Congrats on the tagline - “HARDly Water… Clearly Delicious” so clever!


Well, thank you, Sweetie! :cup_with_straw: