Props/ Got something nice to say? (Cont'd)


Regardless it really is a great name/Tagline!


I would like to remind everyone that the purpose of this thread is to recognize and give props to other creatives and their winning names. Implying that specific names might be unoriginal or that they might be used by other companies does not align with the spirit of this thread or this platform.

There are many examples of successful brands where the same name exists in a different industry. This does not disqualify those names from being submitted in our contests. Of course, if you are aware of any direct conflicts within the same industry as the contest’s industry, it is better to avoid submitting those names or disclose the conflicts in the entry comments.


@fxpreneur “TinyStake” for a FinTech investment Platform is super cute! I love it- It made me giggle! I love the playful take on the brief- as mine was more “cold” and straightforward hah! I love seeing how everyone interprets the same info!