Props/ Got something nice to say? (Cont'd)


@moretal Absolutely perfect name for the new Slim Jim snacks. I love it!


@moretal…I agree with @jackieheraty …ABSOOOOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!!


@jackieheraty @Marye5 Thanks! I don’t know if they actually plan to use it or not. This name got a yellow face… so who knows. It will be cool if they do end up using it.


OMG - I agree - BRILLIANT!!! :sunglasses:


I sure hope they use it…I mean WOW you nailed it perfectly according to the brief,imo…anywho DOUBLE CONGRATULATIONS​:star::star::star::star::star:


@AlwriteyThen @Marye5 Appreciate it. Thanks! I’m a sucker for puns.


You guys beat me to the punch about Moretal’s name. I actually chuckled when I read it. So clever! I am a sucker for puns myself,and witty plays on words. Great job!


I couldn’t agree more…congrats to @moretal for a Great Name!


I really like Nest and Zest!
Congrats to Tex_Murphy for winning entry.
Zest is a beautiful polysemantic word - and interest, and spice, and energy, and taste of life!


Just got 10 more names accepted into the Marketplace, and the Logos that were created to represent them were very nice - Thanks! :heart_eyes:


10, Wow that’s great! Nice work.


My Son’s been watching that team for years on League of Legends. I have to ask him if they are still live. Maybe they broke up the team.

**update: He says they split around 2016 and their domain is for sale. Small world.


Thank you!! :blush: I felt super clever for once lol

@jackieheraty Oh is there a team named that? That’s too funny. :joy:


They still exist, lol! Just google it.


Really? Now I have to look. My son is long gone from home now, but I remember how addicting that and World of Warcraft were with him during that time. They make crazy money on those leagues.


Facebook page and all.


Lol, Twitter and Instagram, too! I’m cracking up! It’s everywhere!


Sorry I guess? I’m not a gamer, so I would have never known.


I feel really stupid because I didn’t know that :open_mouth:
I guess I trust most ideas on here are original or they couldn’t be submitted


I didn’t know it either. You’re not stupid. Thank you for your original compliment. It made my day.

To the others,
They have 111 followers. They’re not famous.
I feel like this has taken a turn for the rude.
Should we just say that everything that’s not an exact .com is unoriginal?